Breaking: Salzburg orders masks on for everyone

Breaking: Salzburg orders masks on for everyone


norman lebrecht

July 19, 2021

The Salzburg Festival, alarmed by a single infection at the opening, open-air performance of Jedermann, has ordered audiences to wear masks at all times during the Festival.

Here’s the statement:

(SF, 19 July 2021) The Salzburg Festival and the City of Salzburg’s Public Health Authority hereby confirm that yesterday evening, one person was tested positive for coronavirus who had attended the premiere of Jedermann the previous evening. The infected person had been fully vaccinated.

The surrounding circumstances were duly checked, and thanks to the personalisation of tickets mandated by the Salzburg Festival’s prevention plan, the authorities could be informed of the data of 44 contact persons. Contact tracing is currently being carried out.

The legal regulations and the measures of the Festival’s prevention plan were implemented to the fullest extent.

“After this unfortunate event, we have decided together with the health authorities and our expert council that we will now implement the next safety level described in the prevention plan: starting tomorrow, the wearing of  FFP2 facemasks is mandatory for all visitors at all performance venues,” says Executive Director Lukas Crepaz.

As planned, the prevention plan will continuously be adapted to the development of the pandemic.



  • Alan says:

    Very disappointing. Not looking forward to wearing a mask through the performances. As a glasses wearer I’m sick of them at this stage

  • Günther Kraus says:

    Well… that went fast.

  • Everyman says:

    The performance was not open-air. There was a flood.

  • Gustavo says:

    Una festa in maschera

  • Hayne says:

    Very sad especially since masks don’t work.
    I guess it shows people “care” I suppose.

    • nimitta says:

      Hayne: “…masks don’t work.”

      Wrong – research shows that masks DO work, and have already saved hundreds of thousands of lives at least. (Here’s a starter read for you, Hayne, with links to a wide range of scientific studies:

      I guess your comment shows you “don’t care”, Hayne.

      • Hayne says:


        American Academy of Pediatrics is now demanding children over 2 wear masks until vaccinated. This couldn’t possibly have anything to do with their decision.

        Everyone knows governments lie. Why people accept what they say without verifying is really beyond me.

        • Petr says:

          The biggest conspiracy in today’s world is the belief that government always tells the truth.

        • Marfisa says:

          Surely even Hayne knows that the primary purpose of wearing an ordinary face-mask was always to protect others from viral infection that you might be carrying, rather than to protect yourself (though n95/ffp2 masks give more protection than ordinary cloth or surgical ones)? Surely even Hayne knows that 100% effectiveness is not claimed for vaccines, so that wearing masks, social distancing, and handwashing are still useful control measures even if there is a high vaccination rate in the population? Surely even Hayne knows that the Delta variant is 1000 times more infectious than the original strain, and that most cases in the USA are due to it, and that most Covid patients in hospital at this moment are unvaccinated?

          Of course governments sometimes lie. That does not mean that everything they say is false, and it certainly does not mean that everything social media conspiracy theorists say must be true (as Hayne seems to believe). Hayne’s way of thinking would be funny, if it were not so dangerous.

          • Hayne says:

            In 40 years of randomized control studies there have been zero showing the efficacy of wearing masks in community settings, groups, etc. There are studies showing there can be harmful effects of wearing them.


            Yes, the delta variant seems to be more dangerous for vaccinated people but 1000x,

            Don’t forget the JAMA study that showed children wearing face masks can get hypercapnia. I would show it but JAMA took it down. The author said they never gave him a reason why they didn’t agree with it.
            Forget all that I wrote. One question only.
            It’s not just political thought that is being censored but also scientific thought.
            Doesn’t this concern you at all?

          • Marfisa says:

            I said 1000 times more *infectious*, not more dangerous. Typical Hayne distortion.

            There are studies showing the effectiveness of masks, but these are from reputable sources, so of no interest to Hayne.

            Here is the JAMA research letter about masks, found immediately with google.


            It was retracted (with reasons given), not censored.

            But why bother?

          • Hayne says:

            You’re right. “…the delta variant is 1000 times more infectious…”
            No, the main author said he wasn’t given any reason why it was taken down.
            Let me ask you one question which no one seems to want to answer. Forget about that study. Doesn’t the censorship of different scientific opinions bother you? It should…