Baton charge: Germany’s next GMD is young Brit conductor

Baton charge: Germany’s next GMD is young Brit conductor


norman lebrecht

July 30, 2021

The Erfurt Philharmonic Orchestra tonight named Alexander Prior as its next Generalmusikdirektor, starting a year from now.

Prior, 28, is already chief conductor of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra in Canada.

A former child prodigy composer who studied in St Petersburg, he has four symphonies and several stage works to his name. In his 20s he has gravitated more to conducting.




  • Sanity says:

    Good luck dealing with his mother…

  • PK says:

    Alex is very talented and in my opinion a bit crazy too:) are there musicians who aren’t? Lol. But I think he has matured over the past few years and learned how to manage his behavior. To me his outstanding artistry is unquestionable. Wishing him great success in Germany!

    • MDP says:

      My last experience of him was a few years ago and he certainly hadn’t matured much by then, but hopefully Edmonton has done him some good. Good luck to Erfurt!

  • Mark Mortimer says:

    He came across as a real little obnoxious brat in a Channel 4 programme about a decade ago- lets hope for Erfurt’s sake- he’s grown up a bit in the meantime.

    • The View from America says:

      To move away from his sorry reputation, perhaps he should consider changing his name to “Alexander Later.”

    • Saxon says:

      He would have been a teenager 10 years ago: most people are brats at that age. Most people becoming nicer in their mid twenties.

  • Canadabear says:

    Sometimes one finds people with whom it is extremely difficult to work and wishes never to see again and Prior is one of them: he is arrogant, lacks people’s skills, and acts as if he was God’s gift to orchestras (he is definitely not). Big mistake, dear deutscher colleagues!

    • Marion Boyd says:

      Canada Bear: If you want to make nasty remarks at least make yourself known. Only cowards are anonymous.

  • Megan Evans says:

    Congratulations to Alex, Erfurt is lucky to have him! We’ve done some really fantastic and interesting concerts with him in Edmonton. He’s unbelievably talented and a good person too.

  • Cosette Justo Valdés says:

    I am working with Alex Prior as his assistant conductor in Edmonton and he has been the most respectful, considerate, and generous Chief Conductor to work with. He has supported me in my career more than anybody. I am happy for him and his future in Germany but we will miss him dearly. He has enriched so much the musical life in Edmonton! To have such a strong personality surely comes with some people not liking him. That seems to be the typical story of a great talent 🙂

  • Kathryn Macintosh says:

    Fantastic news for Erfurt!