Barenboim’s man takes over Spoleto

Barenboim’s man takes over Spoleto


norman lebrecht

July 13, 2021

Spoleto Festival USA has named its first new General Director in 35 years.

The successor to Nigel Redden will be Mena Mark Hanna, founding dean and Professor of Musicology and Composition at the Barenboim-Said Akademie in Berlin.

The festival runs for 17 days each spring in South Carolina, styling itself ‘America’s premier performing arts festival’.


  • Mediterráneo says:

    Below is a link to a lecture he gave two years ago in Barcelona (it starts at 8:00). The title is:

    A Horribly Discordant Noise: the Problem of Colonization in Classical Music

  • SMH says:

    The wokeness is killing me. Colonialism! Orientalism! Heteropobia! I wish guys like this would just go ahead and create something new out of whole cloth and leave Aida/Butterfly etc. alone. Start you own art form! Self importance run amok.

  • Nick says:

    REAL BAD NEWS! For Music, for Spoleto, for the World!

  • Herbie G says:

    Yes, there is a discordant noise in classical music. It is caused by Mena Mark Hanna himself and his flatulent sidekicks. As I have said elsewhere, western classical music by composers from Albinoni to Zemlinsky is being performed througout the world with audiences and performers from virtually every nation, ethnic group, age and colour. No sign of any discord there, except in avant-garde pieces.

    Hanna and his ilk will never destroy or cancel it because most people don’t give a stuff about them. They can smash our statues and send their mobs to torch buildings and attack innocent people. They can denigrate our great composers and writers all they wish and debunk anyone who takes exception to their neo-fascist tactics. Hitler failed in that endeavour and he had a huge army and a massive complement of artillery, planes and warships. How many divisions have Hanna and his acolytes?