London’s big agencies are homeless

London’s big agencies are homeless


norman lebrecht

June 17, 2021

We are relieved to hear that AskonasHolt have managed to sublet their high-rent offices (pictured) and are now renting rooms at Somerset House, ready for September when the “work from home” guidance is expected to end.

HarrisonParrott have given up their lease at The Ark.

Intermusica, while still listing an address on The Strand, are talking of a move.

The business has changed – for good.



  • Alexander says:

    did they get any donuts from the government ?

  • Peter says:

    I also moved to a cheaper apartment a couple of years when I had little money. Then I moved back to a big apartment when earnings got high again. So no, nothing changed for good. It returned to normal pretty quickly.

  • Knowing Clam says:

    Maybe they have just started to learn what boutique management companies have known for years: if you want to keep your money, you don’t need a fancy office…especially when you have a career that can be anywhere there’s internet and phone service.

  • E says:

    Nice view@