Italian soprano quits IMG for Danish

Italian soprano quits IMG for Danish


norman lebrecht

June 10, 2021

The Palermo-born soprano Jessica Nuccio, a regular at major houses for the past decade, has left IMG Artists for the Copenhagen boutique Crescendi Artists, who will represent her worldwide.

We are seeing something of a trend of artists leaving warehouse agencies for boutiques, but it’s extending now from main centres in New York, London and Berlin to smaller places like Amsterdam and Copenhagen.


  • caranome says:

    An interesting move – you are quite right, for some time now many of the most interesting artists have been represented by boutique agencies. There are plenty of fabulous musicians out there that don’t have representation, so if boutiques want to expand that’s where I would look next.

  • Laura says:

    Could you explain more about boutique agencies? what is it? in what way is it different from a ‘normal agency’?

    • simon says:

      I am assuming that the term refers to smaller scale operations, sometimes with a focus on just representing artists who are string players, singers rather than a larger roster across all instruments, vocal and conductors?

  • Novagerio says:

    One thing is paying a few annual hundred $ to have your name on the roster of a huge conglomerate – and hardly get a gig, another is working with a smaller, more modest agency that attends more to the needs of other than the same 4-5 “Top-stars”…