Covid toll slows among musicians

Covid toll slows among musicians


norman lebrecht

June 11, 2021

It has been a month since we last posted a list of Covid deaths among musicians, a positive sign that the fatality rate is slowing. But each death is equally lamentable and each one must be mourned.

Nor should we ever allow our political leaders to escape their accountability for early mishandling and late vaccination decisions.

Here is the current toll:


319 Conductor Santiago Lusardi Girelli, 41 (pictured)

320 Voice of Milli Vanilli John Davis, 66

321 Indian music director Shantiraj Khosla, 50.

322 Argentine choreographer Luis Biasotto, 49

323 Florida music teacher Levis Dasher, 57

324 Anonymous Indian video star, 30

325 Bollywood star Rinku Singh Nikumbh 

326 Argentine music producer Ruben ‘Pelo’ Aprile, 71

327 Head of Iran’s music museum Ali Moradkhani, 63

328 Las Vegas band teacher Caleb Navarro, 54


Previous fatalities here.


  • SVM says:

    “But each death is equally lamentable and each one must be mourned.”

    Hear hear! So where is the toll of musician deaths attributable to lockdowns? They seem not to have been counted systematically. Why?

    • Hayne says:

      And what about the suffering and deaths attributable to not allowing hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin?
      The proof of these things (including lockdowns) are slowly getting out into the media.