Chicago Symphony reclaims Muti’s lost v-p

Chicago Symphony reclaims Muti’s lost v-p


norman lebrecht

June 03, 2021

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra Association has announced the return of Cristina Rocca as Vice President for Artistic Planning.

Cristina left to join the London Philharmonic before the Covid break, but a personal bereavement setn her home to Italy… and then Chicago came calling again.


  • Gustavo says:

    Annus horribilis mixed with a rood awakening re touring perspectives of LPO post Brexit.

    Better stick with the cosmopolitan Maestro.

    • Patrick Gillot says:

      How are the touring perspectives of LPO affected by Brexit compared to CSO? Both Orchestras are outside Europe.

      • Gustavo says:

        Now I’m not going to compare CSO and LPO.

      • Saxon says:

        The LPO need to tour rather more than the CSO, if they are to be financially viable. Previously they gave many concerts on the European continent; that might well become much more difficult for the forseeable future.

    • Barry Guerrero says:

      . . . was that English? . . If I’m understanding you correctly, the prospects of touring for any large symphony orchestra is going to be quite slim for a while.

  • Gustavo says:

    Her boss is shit-storm-proof.

    • Chicagorat says:

      That depends on the storm.

      Hurricanes evolve through a life cycle of stages from birth to death. A tropical disturbance in time can grow to a more intense stage by attaining a specified sustained wind speed. The same may occur for the amount of time a tropical storm needs to intensify into a hurricane.

  • Ben G. says:

    Cristina is a wonderful person and speaks many languages. She worked for the Strasbourg Philharmonic in the past.

    The Chicago Symphony is very lucky to have her!

    • Violinista says:

      Exactly. Cristina is superbly competent in her field with a wide knowledge of both repertoire and artists. Her only problem, as those of us who have been lucky enough to work alongside her will agree, is that she works too hard and seems incapable of stopping. ‘In Bocca al lupo’ dear Cristina and we share your loss.

    • Kelly says:

      Agreed! Cristina is a class act and a real pleasure in the work place.

  • katherine says:

    Je suis tout à faite d’accord avec Ben G. J’ai travaillé à l’Orchestre philharmonique de Strasbourg avec Cristina et c’est l’une des meilleures collègues à ma connaissance. Gentille, drôle, terriblement compétente, hyper investie. Je lui souhaite le meilleur à Chicago après les moments difficiles qu’elle a traversés.

  • Olivier Erouart says:

    Je suis le directeur d’une radio de musique classique en Alsace ( et ai eu la chance de connaître Cristina. J’ai non seulement apprécié sa compétence, sa disponibilté mais aussi sa personnalité chaleureuse. Je lui souhaite le meilleur avec l’OSC qu’elle retrouve.