Breaking: Arts Council chief quits over sex claims

Breaking: Arts Council chief quits over sex claims


norman lebrecht

June 06, 2021

The head of Denmark’s Arts Council (Statens Kunstfond) Michael Bojesen resigned this morning after 12 women claimed sexual misconduct in the Danish Radio Girls Choir under his leadership.

Bojesen, who denies wrongdoing, writes: ‘I would like to say a sincere apology to the singers who have had bad experiences or felt insecure during their time in the choir. I had the full management responsibility for the choir, and that responsibility I failed.’

Bojesen, 60, remains head of Malmö Opera. He is a widely respected conductor.

One of the former female choristers wrote: ‘When you entered the Radio House as a child, you did not just enter an elite ensemble… It felt like part of a harem for adult guest musicians.’

More details are still emerging in live reports on Danish media.

UPDATE: Malmo holds


  • Keen observer says:

    When you posted about this some weeks back my comment pointed to exactly this result. Just one person here fallen, in what is a long stream of abuses of power in the arts world. This is just the tip of a large iceberg. Sexual abuse, Nepotism, and illegal/unfair job appointments across the scene.

  • Henrik J says:

    Everybody in Denmark’s classical world knows of Michael Bojesen’s problems controlling his horny lust and interest for young girls.
    It’s a big surprise though that the political correct Sweden does’nt react by ending his tasks in Malmö.

    That said Bojesen has done a lot of fine things for classical music in Scandinavia. His work as a chorus conductor and moderator has been quite good.

    • La plus belle voix says:

      If everyone knew, then why did nobody take action?

      • Keen observer says:

        There were complaints and those who made them were essentially frozen out of the choir.

        MB openly put an underhand threat up the night before the story broke in the newspaper on his Facebook, before deleting it some minutes later – where he stated he couldn’t understand how those he had supported now and collaborated with since, have made claims against him.

        A horrendous game of power in Denmark whereby if you complain against the corrupt system you never will be invited or supported ever again. Those who are “chosen” will be supported for life – no matter how they behave – and those who are blocked will be blocked for ever…..

    • Tamino says:

      Then the Danes claim they are the least corrupt country in the world. But is it only, because the corruption is so intrinsic in the social fabric, that nobody needs to do anything criminal?
      Still, it seems we hear a lot about the one eternal bait that corrupts people, mostly men, sex, but we hear little about the more prevalent other bait, mammon.
      Is it, because sex in the art world just sells better, than stories about crooked women and men, who sideline public and foundation money into their pockets?

  • K Keller says:

    Danish Radio Concert Hall leadership is rotten, nothing new there, and has been for many years. This and the other stories from Slipped Discs about the culture at Danish Radio, will go on for many years, because the management with K Bohr allows it, with weak leadership.