All-Pacific finalists at US string competition

All-Pacific finalists at US string competition


norman lebrecht

June 07, 2021

The Irving M. Klein International String Competition ended this weekend in San Francisco. It is open to musicians aged 15 to 23.

The finalists were:
Grace Huh (18, US)
Yuchen Lu (22, China)
William Tan (16, US)

The eliminated semifinalists were:
Ria Honda (Japan)
Serin Park (US)


  • Patrick Gillot says:

    Logical outcome , Corea, Japan and China are the places where Classical music is systematically part of primary and secondary school curriculum….shame on Europe and the US!

    • debuschubertussy says:

      In many places in the US, music *is part of the primary and secondary school curriculum, but usually as “general” music-type classes. An actual orchestral ensemble is, relatively speaking, not as common (especially given that most schools in the US would offer band/marching band as the ensemble–gotta support football!).

    • anon says:

      Two of the three finalists are American.

    • Anon says:

      Large numbers of Asians study and support classical music in the USA.
      Every All-County Orchestra, All-State Orchestra, and major conservatory pre-college program has disproportionately high Asian representation.
      What’s the problem? There is no problem. Maybe some people love classical music and some don’t. Get over it.

  • E Rand says:

    God damn white supremacy and patriarchy rear their ugly heads once again!! When WILL we get diversity in classical music??? WHENNNNN???

  • Wondering says:

    Ummm… whereas San Jose CA (Grace Huh’s birthplace) is on the west coast, neither the Chicago area (William Tan) nor NYC (Serin Park) is even remotely “Pacific”. Is that term in the headline being used in fausse délicatesse to say something else?

    • V.Lind says:

      I was just wondering the same thing, having discovered the same facts about Tan and Park.

      • David K. Nelson says:

        I feel so bad that I was never good enough to enter, much less win, a violin competition. I could have brought so much glory to …. Norway. Maybe I’d even get to visit the place.