Wanna see a Met opera? Go to Moscow.

Wanna see a Met opera? Go to Moscow.


norman lebrecht

May 06, 2021

The Bolshoi has announced the premiere of a new production of Wagner’s Lohengrin in its coming season.

The director is the Canadian Francois Girard and the production is part of the co-pro deal with Peter Gelb at the Metropolitan Opera.

The Met, however, remains shut and, given the latest rumblings from its locked-out stagehands, may remain so for the rest of the year.

Wanna see a Met opera? Go to Moscow.




  • Barry says:

    Okay. But know that only five percent of Russians have been vaccinated at this point.
    If you want to sit in a crowded hall full of unvaccinated people, be my guest.

    • AB says:

      Not only that, but the Bolshoi has cancelled its touring schedule until 2022 because they fear other countries will not accept vaccination certifications from Russia. 5% of Russians have been vaccinated with a vaccine that has limited testing and results. Might as well assume they are essentially non-vaccinated.

      • Marina says:

        And as a health professional from us and who is vaccinated since February by Moderna I am telling you that russian vaccine is just fine

        • Maria says:

          Yes, it is fine! Just snobbery about the whole thing and general anti-Russia so assume the vaccine is no good.

      • SVM says:

        All the COVID-19 vaccines have had only “limited testing and results”, with clinical trials not due to conclude until 2023 or later, hence why they require “emergency use” authorisations. So the same argument can, at present, be made for *any* COVID-19 vaccine.

        • Monsoon says:

          “All the COVID-19 vaccines have had only ‘limited testing and results'”

          That’s not true at all.

          More than 1.27 billion vaccine doses have been administered worldwide. While it’s not a controlled experiment, you can compare infection, hospitalization, and death rates from those who have been vaccinated vs those who have not, and control for certain variables. And when that’s done, the data shows that the vaccines are highly effective.

      • Maria says:

        Funny how their vaccines are good enough as one for Austrians, who went their own away from the EU lack.

    • Marina says:

      You could not get russian visa even if you wanted too

      • Brettermeier says:

        “You could not get russian visa even if you wanted too”

        unless you bribe someone. That’s what happens if a country has a lower per capita income than even Romania. Great Job, Putin!

        Privet iz Germanii.

    • SVM says:

      Since when have people based their decisions to travel on the vaccination rates of the proposed destination? And what happened to the idea that vaccination status is sensitive personal data that is nobody else’s business?

    • Brian says:

      What does it matter if I, myself, am vaccinated? It doesn’t. Because I am vaccinated.

  • John Kelly says:

    “Go to Moscow” where almost nobody has been vaccinated in spite of the successful early development of the Sputnik vaccine being sold all over the world to other countries. Go to Moscow – they need the money, perhaps to fund a further incursion into Ukraine……..

    • Hayne says:

      I hear the banjos strumming to this hillbilly comment…

      • John Kelly says:

        No hillbillys in Da Bronx “buddy”………….and no fans of the Great Kleptocracy headquartered in Moscow…

        • Brettermeier says:

          @NL: To give this comment a thumb up, I had to:

          1. Click on thumb up
          2a. Reload the page.
          2b. Three comments got up-thumbed.
          3. Change not voluntarily set thumb up for Hayne (second post) in thumb down.
          4. Reload the page.
          4b. Two comments got down-thumbed.
          5. Change not voluntarily set thumb down for John (first post) in thumb up
          6. Reload the page to check if the thumbs are now the way I want them to be.

          This should be one step, not six. And no, it’s not my system only.

          Please fix this.

        • Hayne says:

          Why don’t you watch this little video of what happened to a bar owner in Staten Island a short while ago and tell me who we should be worried about…


          • John Kelly says:

            A classic piece of “whataboutism”. I’m surprised you didn’t bring up Benghazi. Then again, it’s Fox “News”……….of course this has NOTHING to do with Russia which is what MY comment was about………..I guess you’re unlikely to be selected for any debating teams, since sticking to somewhere near the topic is somewhat required….

          • Hayne says:

            Sorry, I was trying to show an example near you of our government’s totalitarian silencing of any kind of dissent. Who gives a damn about Putin when this stuff is in our faces constantly?
            Benghazi, haha! Most people know it was a staging point for sending arms and men through Turkey to Syria. I sure Hillary would fill you in. Ambassador Stevens was working with the CIA there. Hey, you asked:)

          • John kelly says:

            Putin has a nuclear arsenal. De Blasio is out this summer and Cuomo has nothing to offer but words. I’m not scared of NY politicians they can be removed. Putin on the other hand is working very hard to destroy the EU, the US and western democracy in general. And he seems to be a permanent fixture. That’s why he’s a hell.of a lot scarier than business as usual in NY State

  • K moon says:

    Maybe they will Live stream it on the Met Opera at movie theaters.

  • a colleague says:

    why is the picture displayed is that of La Scala, and not of the Bolshoi?

  • Eusebius says:

    Want to hear Domingo? Go to Moscow too.