Tragic death of top organist, 56

Tragic death of top organist, 56


norman lebrecht

May 19, 2021

Resmusica reports the death of Christophe Grasset, organist of Evreux catherdral.

Christophe, who was 56, died of a pulmonary embolism days after receiving his first Codiv-19 vaccination.

There is no evident connection between the two events.




  • andrew.smith says:

    “There is no evident connection between the two events.” – or maybe it’s just not a connection that you want to admit might exist?

    • UK Arts Administrator says:

      In the UK, more than 2000 people die each year from a pulmonary embolism (I don’t have to hand the French stats, but the figure is likely to be fairly similar). To try to create, in this case, with no medical evidence being here presented, a connection with a recent vaccination is poor science. A fair number of people are also known to have suffered, sadly, a fatal road traffic accident in the days after receiving a Covid vaccination too. Should we blame the vaccination for those RTAs as well?

  • Neowiser says:

    But there is a likely connection:
    It is very rare but there is a mechanism, a fall in platelet numbers which results in blood clotting. I believe all known cases have followed the first dose.

  • Westfan says:

    I have had two friends in their 60s get PEs, both were lucky enough to get to the doctor before things got critical, neither one had theirs after their first Covid dose, although one had it diagnosed more than a month after his second dose. He was hospitalized for four days following his diagnosis, the other person not hospitalized at all. After being on blood thinner they both recovered well. Both were in good general health for their age. If left untreated, it can definitely be a killer. And sometimes blood thinner is not enough, surgery may be necessary to relieve the condition. Extreme fatigue and shortness of breath are the symptoms. Pay attention, see the doc sooner than later.