Ruth Leon recommends… A song cycle for agnostics

Ruth Leon recommends… A song cycle for agnostics


norman lebrecht

May 26, 2021

Myths and Hymns – Part Four – Faith
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I’ve written extensively about this song cycle by Adam Guettel so could well pass over the release of the final part, Faith, without comment but I’ve admired the first three parts and must at least mention the great cast gathered for this apotheosis. They include Kelli O’Hara, Jennifer Holliday, Anthony Roth Costanzo, Miles Mykkanen and many others, all equally committed.
Inspired by Greek myths and a 19th-Century Presbyterian hymnal, the 1998 cycle is a kaleidoscopic collection of musical genres as it explores the nature of faith and longing in a secular world. New short musical films illustrate the need for answers in four ways – through Flight, Work, Love, and Faith. The four chapters have been released in free digital instalments throughout the winter and spring.

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  • Mother Mary says:

    Outdated and overrated songs. By the way, it’s not a song cycle. Keep a classical blog classy and classical. Do not pollute this space any further with some old playboy’s garbage.