Ruth Leon recommends… Miss Peggy Lee, aged 100

Ruth Leon recommends… Miss Peggy Lee, aged 100


norman lebrecht

May 27, 2021

A Centennial Celebration of Miss Peggy Lee – Mabel Mercer Foundation
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May 25 7ET then available online for two weeks.

​A terrific line-up of American cabaret artists line up, sorry, to pay tribute to the great Peggy Lee in song, on her hundredth birthday. Hosted by Natalie Douglas, they include Danny Backer, Celia Berk, Eric Comstock, Mary Foster Conklin, Barbara Fasano, Aisha de Haas, Nicolas King, Sidney Myer, Julia Parasram, Catherine Russell, Gabriele Straveli, Billy Stritch, Stacy Sullivan and Amra-Faye Wright. Some of these names may not be familiar to you if you’re not a New York cabaret fan but they’re all stars in Manhattan and beyond.
Peggy Lee or Miss Peggy Lee, as she’s universally known to other singers, was a revered singer, songwriter, composer, and actress, with a career spanning seven decades. Primarily a jazz vocalist, she also made more than 1100 recordings and composed over 270 songs as well as the music she wrote for movies and conceptual record albums combining poetry and music. Singers and songwriters of all stripes cite her as an influence on their own music. She died in 2002 but her memory lingers on.

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  • Ed says:

    Hundredth birthday? She was born on May 26, 1920.