Ruth Leon recommends… Chinese Porcelain Ladies

Ruth Leon recommends… Chinese Porcelain Ladies


norman lebrecht

May 30, 2021

Cocktails with a Curator – Chinese Porcelain Ladies
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I was delighted to learn this week that my favourite art history series, the Frick’s Cocktails with a Curator, has won a coveted Webby Award from the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences. This is the highest honour for excellence on the Internet. They won, in my view deservedly, for ‘Best Virtual & Remote Experiences: Arts & Culture’.
Bravo to the Frick as a whole but also to the two curators we have come to know and admire during the pandemic – Xavier Salomon (who has a long and complicated title which is unnecessarily repeated at every opportunity) and Aimee Ng – who have refused to let their museum go unnoticed during the long break when they were unable to open. Instead, they have guided us, painting by painting, artwork by artwork, through the past year, explaining, illustrating, highlighting the finer points which we might otherwise have missed, and, surprisingly, drinking, (that’s the ‘cocktails’ part) until those of us who thought we knew this wonderful museum realised we didn’t know anything. Which is a very satisfying place to be. I hope that even though the Frick is now open again this series will continue long into the future.

This week Aimee is displaying some Chinese Porcelain Ladies from the Frick’s Porcelain Room. Fascinating, as always.

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