RUTH LEON…..In Pieces

RUTH LEON…..In Pieces

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May 23, 2021

In Pieces
Click here for tickets  £10.00

This prize-winning musical film with an excellent cast had a brief airing pre-pandemic at Lincoln Center and is now back for a longer run. In Pieces, written by Joey Contreras and directed by Louis Rayneau, was recently awarded the New York Movie Award for Best Director, and Best Original Song.

The premise is that our love lives are constantly in pieces.  Shifting in and out of feeling fully complete. But you never know how a single spark one day can unlock a new you, so we make a choice at the crossroad, we say yes to the coffee date, and wherever that leads, we learn to embrace the journey.

Available on demand 14 – 28 May.

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  • Ruth Who? says:

    Enough with the Ruth Leon shtick. Don’t know who she is, don’t care, the recommendations are pointless, it’s cluttering up the site.

  • andrew prater says:

    I read the headline – perhaps too literally – and thought my wish had been granted. Ditch this pointless content before readers ditch this blog for good.
    p.s. am I the only one who thinks pointless RL looks like one half of Hinge and Bracket?