Polunin’s new video: Look, no Putin!

Polunin’s new video: Look, no Putin!


norman lebrecht

May 30, 2021

The turbulent Russian ballet star announced this month that he was removing his chest tattoo of Vladimir Putin.

Now he has a new video to prove it.

It’s pretty impressive.


  • Magda says:

    Why the attentions paid to this no-talent fake ?? This is music site. Not site for attention whore dancer with no brain.

    • Fee says:

      Hmm … he is very talented … without doubt the most talented ballet dancer of his generation. Ask any ballet company director.

      Most of the comments here are from people with no qualifications, expertise or even interest in dance.

  • FrankInUsa says:

    He seems quite talented as a dancer. He’s said and done things that I don’t agree with. Maybe he is starting to “grow” as he has own family especially with a child.

    • Fee says:

      He is more than ‘quite talented’ as a dancer. This man is the best ballet dancer of his generation as Nureyev, Vladimir Vasiliev and Baryshnikov were in theirs. If you don’t know these names then you are not qualified to comment.

  • Andrew says:

    Talented dancer and wonderful to watch. Unfortunately, his own choreography is always the same: too much “adore me”.

    • Fee says:

      Factual error … it’s not his choreography … he hires choreographers to create dances for him.

  • frank says:

    Looks:2 , Dance:3

  • Ines says:

    Difficult to say not talented; even if his choise of music and choreography here isn t the best

  • Fee says:

    Hugely emotional dance video by the most talented dancer of his generation. Check out his recent Bolero for completely different style and choreography (more balletic) to start to appreciate his range and technique and charisma. On his YouTube channel.

    For those who don’t know, film maker and longtime Depeche Mode collaborator, Anton Corbijn proposed this music choice.

    Sergei Polunin hires choreographers to create dance pieces for him. This one is by Ross Freddie Ray