Major change ahead at Chicago Symphony

Major change ahead at Chicago Symphony


norman lebrecht

May 20, 2021

It was announced today that Duain Wolfe, director of the Chicago Symphony Chorus, will retire in a year’s time.

Duain has been in charge since 1994 and is only the second person in the job after the founding director Margaret Hillis.

Chorus chiefs the world over will be polishing their cvs.


  • Liam says:

    The old, German word says it all: Chorrepetitor.

  • Plush says:

    That is factory work. And CSO is cheap. They pay poorly.

    • CSOA Insider says:

      That is most unfair. The CSO is not cheap.

      Consider Muti’s perks: they are quite extraordinary. I’d go as far as saying that no other orchestra would match them. Even if they could 😉

  • Chorister du jour says:

    Another Master retires. Brilliant choral director. Enjoy it when it comes Maestro! You’ve earned it for sure !

  • Stickles says:

    Wolfe is existing on a high note into a very deserving retirement. He has done a great job in the past 2 plus decades, as the CSO chorus continues to shine. I only wish the current CSO resound label would issue more release involving them.

    • Chicagorat says:

      OK I have to give allegiance to my own name, and rat Muti out.

      The reason why the CSO label does not feature them more often is because the Big Maestro has disdain for Maestro Wolfe and doesn’t consider him nearly up to the task. Mr. Wolfe’s biggest perceived fault, according to the Boss, is that he is incapable of teaching the choir proper Italian diction.

      As if the Boss knew how to pronounce English.

      Maestro Wolfe, we enjoyed your work, and you, much more than we enjoyed Muti.