La Scala is shut by lone Covid case

La Scala is shut by lone Covid case


norman lebrecht

May 24, 2021

Tomorrow’s L’italiana in Algeri has been called off after a company member tested positive for Covid-19.

While La Scala is now admitting an audience of up to 500, Italy is still suffering more than 150 deaths a day from the pandemic.


  • Tamino says:

    Italy suffers nothing in particular. No excess mortality in Italy these days.
    The collective and masterminded delusion about the gravity of the pandemic continues.

    • Anthony Sayer says:

      Yup, pretty much sums it up.

    • Geoff Radnor says:

      There is a large amount of data on this Danish site, I think that you might need a specialist’s knowledge to properly interpret it all.

      • Tamino says:

        Not really. It’s rather straight forward official mortality data. Anyone with basic mathematical knowledge from a completed secondary education can read it and interpret it, as far as overall mortality over time is concerned.

    • classical says:

      Bring Muti back, he will keep the whole place entertained with no need for music

  • Dennis says:

    OMG one case! – close everything!!!

    How many people died of cancer, heart attack, etc. in Italy yesterday?

    • Le Křenek du jour says:

      The concept of contagion has been explained to you?
      Is cancer contagious?
      Is cardiovascular disease contagious?
      How many people can be infected by one carrier between primary infection and detection?

      • Saxon says:

        You obviously don’t understand the concept of “a proportionate response”.

        Do you really want everyone to be isolated in lockdown for ever just in case one person catches Covid? Really?

        If not, then you are going to have to accept that some people will get Covid but this is
        the cost we are prepared to take in order to be able to live our lives. Eventually, we will have to reach acceptance of this point.

  • Gustavo says:

    Il caso solitario