Horror: Mexican gang murders musician brothers and sister

Horror: Mexican gang murders musician brothers and sister


norman lebrecht

May 10, 2021

Three musicians of the Gonzalez Moreno family were kidnapped in Guadalajara, apparently for ransom.

They were named as Ana Karen González Moreno, José Alberto González Moreno and Luis Ángel González Moreno, 24, 29 and 32 years old.

We now hear that their lifeless bodies have been found by a roadside.

This is shocking beyond words.

Local media have been pressured not to report the case.

Mexico is in danger of becoming a failed state.


  • Herbie G says:

    Mexico in danger of becoming a failed state? What was it before this happened?

  • marcus says:

    What do you mean “becoming”? It’s been a basket case for years

    • For all the well-known problems, the vast majority of Mexicans get up and go to work every day just like the rest of us do. Mexico is the world’s 12th largest economy and way above “basket case”.

  • Eusebius says:

    Maybe Biden will open border to Mexican musicians seeking asylum.

    • Judith Fenway says:

      Biden and Harris can’t handle either the southern or northern borders. They avoid them and get sarcastic when questioned.

      They’re simply unfit as the 25th Amendment conveys with Biden clearly senile and Harris trying to push her way into the spotlight using vapid talking points having no idea how to handle things like an adult woman as opposed to the fame-whore she remains.

      How ironic Democrats put a white privileged male in charge of America and keep bitching about nothing getting done for each faction of their party..

      • OC says:

        Err, sorry but if they are unfit, senile and pushy, where does that leave Trump….?!

        • Shaundra W. says:

          What has Biden or Harris DONE to solve the southern border crisis during his/her term?

          What are your facts???

        • Enrique says:

          That’s like asking if Billy is drinking water, what is Bob drinking because you assume Bob can’t drink water because Billy is drinking said.

      • Dan says:

        Joe Biden is the best thing that could happen for your 3rd world country since your pathological liar and traitor lost the election.

        • Edna Lewiston says:

          You need to check both your and Biden’s white privilege Dan.

          He stood on the necks of numerous candidates to get to the top using his w.p. passing Kamala on the way up.

          All your party has is your old white power guy propped up at a podium with a woman of color standing behind him like a slave!

      • Bill says:

        So now Biden is responsible for corruption and crime in other sovereign countries? And the Northern border? You mean all of those Canadian refugees escaping the horrors of Poutine and universal healthcare?
        Oh, and the mess in Mexico was going on during Trump’s administration too.

        • Dinesh J. says:

          As a non-citizen of the US, you need to be educated on the fact that both the office of the president and vice-president swears under oath to protect and defend the constitution along with “defending against enemies of the US both foreign and domestic”.

          Examples of these are the illegal aliens crossing from both the northern and southern borders. After 50 years in government, Biden is obviously not competent enough to begin to face this. Both he and Harris are too afraid to go to the southern border and refuse to ignore the northern border’s multiple issues.

          As to domestic enemies, ANTIFA and BLM clearly fall under that category with their founders being called out for their material wealth and being arrested. It’s a beautiful thing watching the FBI, Secret Service and IRS raid their homes and cuff them.

          It’s the responsibility of the Biden-Harris administration to address these matters just as they do Israel, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, etc. Sadly they are sadistically undoing the achievements recently made to finally create peace in the Middle East. Instead they have promulgated old hatred and induced war and unrest in Palestine and Yemen yet again as the Clintons did intentionally.

  • Alexander T says:

    Beyond obscene.
    My sincerest sympathy to their family.

  • NYCgirl says:


  • J Barcelo says:

    My family comes from San Luis Potosi. When I was very young we visited yearly and traveled to Leon and then on to Guadalajara to see relatives. It’s very disturbing and sad to see how parts of Mexico have become so overwhelmingly violent and dangerous to be in. There are so many wonderful, peaceful and hard-working people there. But thanks to corrupt politicians, the love of drugs of the North Americans, I no longer feel safe going home. It’s not close to being a failed state; it is. This is a problem the world, the UN, needs to help solve, and soon.

    • Hayne says:

      Decriminalize all drugs now is the obvious answer.
      Unfortunately, there is too much money for governments to do it.

  • BRUCEB says:

    How horrible.

  • Peter San Diego says:

    Simply horrific news. Words fail, indeed.

  • Sharon says:

    Because drugs are becoming so cheap gangs are turning to robbery and kidnapping. Yes, better economic opportunity in the long run is the answer but as long as there is so much crime there will not be any real investment or consumption and thus no more economic opportunity.

    I myself, although I speak Spanish and love Hispanic culture, am afraid to visit Mexico and most of Central and South America.

    New York City mayor Giuliani did a massive police crackdown in high crime neighborhoods. This did wonders for their economies. Unfortunately however it made housing prices so expensive that many of the poorest were pushed out of the city. (Although admittedly this trend started before he took office). However, who ever got a job from an impoverished person or even an impoverished business?

    May the family find peace