German conductor takes Minnesota

German conductor takes Minnesota


norman lebrecht

May 05, 2021

Christian Reif has been named music director of the Lakes Area Music Festival of Minnesota, starting now.

They’ve never had one before.




  • drummerman says:

    I appreciate your enthusiasm, Norman but this hardly constitutes “taking” Minnesota. It’s a big state after all, and this is a very small festival. I mean no disrespect to the performers.

    • David K. Nelson says:

      It’s also a fairly new festival and they have had “Artistic Directors” and an “Explore Music! Director” just not an official Music Director per se. I sense that it has been much chamber music but a growing emphasis on orchestral, hence the new position. Brainerd MN is a popular vacation and second-residence area with an emphasis on the water (lakes and rivers, including the Mississippi River) and is one of those destinations where the summer population is fairly enormous (and more monied) compared to the “real” permanent population. I gather many of the musicians are drawn from the Minnesota Orchestra and St Paul Chamber Orchestra, so I have no reason to think the music making is anything other than first rate. A good gig for a rising conductor.

  • David A. Boxwell says:

    He has lovely tousled locks and sexy stubble. He must be a great conductor.

  • Minnesota has 10,000 lakes. What lakes is it in the area of?

  • Michael says:

    The what festival?

  • Greg Bottini says:

    This headline makes it sound like he marched in with troops and Panzers….

  • Eusebius says:

    I hear the next Superman movie is going to black, directed by a black, maybe music by a black composer too.

  • JohnB says:

    Actually his brother Thomas is concertmaster of the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra.

  • DRehur says:

    Now here I had thought I missed some major news for the MN Orchestra…