Estonia mourns composer, 99

Estonia mourns composer, 99


norman lebrecht

May 14, 2021

The revered Ester Mägi died today (May 14), four months after her 99th birthday.

A graduate of the Moscow Conservatory under Vissarion Shebalin, her works include a concertos for piano (1953) and violin (1958), a symphony (1968) and much chamber orchestra and vocal music.


  • John Borstlap says:

    The music in the video is beautiful and fresh and pure, as if someone discovers the possibilities of music for the first time, without having heard the bulk of repertoire. It sounds as the voice of Nature. It is highly original….. thank you for posting this.

    Here is her piano concerto from 1953:

    Is more Soviettish. As is her 1st symphony:

    But a short tone poem is different again:

  • Julia says:

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