Death of Russian baritone, 65

Death of Russian baritone, 65


norman lebrecht

May 14, 2021

The international baritone Vladimir Redkin has died aged 65. No cause has been given.

A soloist at the Bolshoi for 30 years, Redkin sang major roles in Vienna, San Francisco, Toronto, Hamburg, Barcelona and more.


  • John Borstlap says:

    Very sad news. He obviously was a beautiful singer.

    Interesting that the Russians don’t do Regietheater and simply want to be as close as possible to the original idea of the work. They don’t need a ‘concept’ and think any concept is already there in the opera concerned, which has to be interpreted, not to be replaced or adapted.

    • M. Lavetti says:

      Very sad news…

      Indeed, Russians and of course authentic, well-educated Europeans who preserve the integrity of great operatic works originated by their ancestors realize modern SJW trash is quickly devolving the composer’s and librettist’s established achievements. Norman’s current inflammatory entry regarding Muti and La Scala support this fully when countering the degradation of already exquisite works. The other man involved should obviously direct his ideas towards a more appropriate forum like show tunes, Broadway, Las Vegas where new and modern material is mailable as opposed to fixed.

    • Save the MET says:

      Thankfully they do by and large. They delve into Eurotrash here and there however.

    • Ms.Melody says:

      Unfortunately, Regie is alive and well in Putin’s Russia.
      One only needs to remember the Tannhauser from Novosibirsk a few years ago. Recent production of Carmen in Perm by Konstantin Bogomolov moves the action to Odessa 1913, Carmen is a Jewish woman now, the show is peppered with anti-semitic references and Carmen throws Don Jose a tampon instead of a flower.
      Another example of artistic freedom gone awry