Covid’s death toll of musicians tops 300

Covid’s death toll of musicians tops 300


norman lebrecht

May 06, 2021

A melancholy record was logged here this week as the number of musician deaths from Covid exceeded 300. The latest spate of victims are mostly in India.

298 International festival founder Aiyushman Dutta, 35

299 Indian singer Derek Julien, 70

300 Brazilian music professor Angelica Ellery

301 US baritone Theodore Lambrinos, 85 (pictured)

302 Ecuadorian singer  Jesús Fichamba, 74

303-4 Assam singer Parbin Pori and her father

305 Sitar master Debu Chaudhuri, 85

306 Indian choreographer Nayan Das, 34

307 Blind Indian singer and ensemble leader M. J. C. Comagan, 48

308 Tamil actor-singer TKS Natarajan, 87

Previous week’s fatalities can be found here


  • May says:

    I don’t understand the significance of this list. It’s not as if musicians don’t die every day just like everyone else. Most of these musicians are only known within their own country. What is the point of keeping a running list of Covid related deaths? How about more articles discussing how the entire performing arts has been taken hostage and ruined by clueless governments around the world who have fallen over themselves silly trying to enact pointless measures to restrict the spread of a virus which inevitably will outsmart them at every step? It is going to be a herculean task to get people back into concert halls. Discussing that is much more important than a meaningless death tally.

    • Tiredofitall says:

      It provides copy in a time when where really isn’t much news. Mere filler and not much of a tribute to these artists.

  • Dr. Reginald P. Pippstein says:

    Wow, only 300? Surprised COVID hasn’t taken more… Is this list inclusive of all musicians? Or only the important ones?