Agency closes account for suspended string quartet

Agency closes account for suspended string quartet


norman lebrecht

May 25, 2021

The Simmenauer agency in Berlin has brought to an end its long involvement with the Artemis Quartet, which suspended its activities last weekend for an indefinite period.

The agency has posted this dignified message on its contact site for the quartet:

Dear Friends of the String Quartet,

the Artemis Quartett has decided to take a leave of absence from playing for an indefinite period.

After one setback too many, in an already turbulent time, difficult for all of us, it is at present impossible for the quartet to plan reliably.

Therefore, our 24-year-long intense collaboration with the Artemis Quartett is also coming to an end. Our joint history, shaped by great success but also by dramatic blows of fate, formed an remarkably close relationship between the musicians and the Impresariat Simmenauer. We thank all members of the Artemis Quartett for this inspiring journey!


  • Alexander says:

    hope everything is o’k with Anthea

    • Anthea Kreston says:

      Hello Alexander! This is a very sad day for all of us. Sonia was such an inspiration to work with, as were my Artemis colleagues, past and preset. I am happy and health with my family in Oregon, busy with my online academy, heading to Italy next week to judge the Borciani Quartet Competition, and working on a book. I am honored and humbled to have been a member of this esteemed group of musicians – they played with their hearts and minds equally, and it felt like being on stage with living legends. Hats off to them for an impressive run!

      • Alexander says:

        My prayers for you and your colleagues , I’m happy to hear from you. Hopefully Norman will give you “a floor” here to speak about some interesting moments of your life in Italy et al .Cheers 😉

  • Sharon says:

    Was this the quartet of the woman who did the diary two years ago for Slipped Disc?

  • tobias says:

    we will all miss Artemis Quartett.