A Serkin quits Curtis for Juilliard

A Serkin quits Curtis for Juilliard


norman lebrecht

May 06, 2021

Peter Dobrin reports that the composer David Serkin Ludwig, grandson of Rudolf, is leaving Curtis after two decades to be dean and director of the Juilliard School’s music division.

‘This is an opportunity to have a really big impact on the field and to make a difference,’ he says.

It’s a big blow for Curtis and an umbilical rupture for the Serkin family.

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  • MacroV says:

    He’s spent 20 happy years at Curtis, and wants to try something different. Nothing wrong with that. Fine an asset as I assume he’s been to Curtis, I imagine they will weather the blow just fine.

  • -V says:

    David is an extraordinarily bright person, a talented and serious musician and a wonderful leader. Congratulations to him and the Juilliard School. No doubt he will accomplish great things there.

  • Greg Bottini says:

    “It’s…. an umbilical rupture for the Serkin family.”
    What is your source for this statement, Norman? The linked article didn’t mention Peter’s family at all, other than to say that he is Rudolf’s grandson.

  • Eusebius says:

    Why ruin the Serkin dynasty by writing obscure modern music that nobody wants to hear?

    • Hmus says:

      David Ludwig’s music is not at all obscure, certainly nothing like the music associated with Peter Serkin, whose performance and recordings of works by Peter Lieberson have very much more associated the formerly all-Beethoven clan with bonafide obscure modernism.

      Whether one associates Mr. Ludwig with the Serkins or not, his work is his own: it is largely consonant and would fit comfortably with the easily approachable music of other Juilliard faculty such as Beaser and Ewazen.

      Curtis, meanwhile, is doing quite well with a faculty featuring Jennifer Higdon, currently 4th most frequently performed classical composer on the planet.

  • NYC musician says:

    Anyone know which of the Serkins is his parent?

  • Raro says:

    Also part of the continuing story of Ben Sosland leaving Juilliard for New England Conservatory. The tectonic plates of higher musical education in America have shifted!

  • Jack says:

    “Umbilical rupture”?

    Given that Rudolf and Peter are no longer with us, isn’t that a bit of overstated hyperbole?

  • Rudolf says:

    LOL! Curtis will be just fine…

  • 2020 curtis grad says:

    As a recent Curtis grad, trust me, it’s not a huge loss for the school.