Royal Swedish Opera is shut down by major Covid outbreak

Royal Swedish Opera is shut down by major Covid outbreak


norman lebrecht

April 07, 2021

The royal opera in Stockholm has been shut down after a cluster of 15 Covid cases across several departments.

The company is being investigated by the Work Environment Agency.

Staff have not been required to wear masks, or to submit to testing.

The CEO says: it’s just bad luck.





  • Maria says:

    Oh, well… no one escapes, masks or not, and Sweden always had a different way of dealing with the virus than most in Continental Europe.
    Need to take Vitamin D3 and also get the country vaccinated.

    • Rogerio says:

      No, no!
      What the story means is that COVID actually managed to break out of that fortress-like building.
      If Swedish COVID can do that…
      Sweden is soooo screwed.

  • Minnesota says:

    Masks have not been a thing in Sweden, owing to the unscientific stubbornness of the government’s chief epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell.

    • Rogerio says:

      Stubbornness is a unique Swedish affliction.
      It comes from storing a mixture of rotten fish and salt in a jar … waiting till that rots…, and then using it as a spread on top of your slice of seal-fat.

    • Saxon says:

      Minneosta writes: “unscientific stubbornness of the government’s chief epidemiologist, Anders Tegnell”

      No, it is not unscientific, whatever you think. The view in Sweden is that he is prepared to accept a higher death rate in return for fewer restrictions. He also believes a higher rate of infection will mean herd immunity will be reached sooner, and the crisis will end sooner.

      Most policy makers elsewhere seem to believe that lowering the death rate (at least in the short-run) and prolonging the crisis is a more desirable policy choice. That is a different moral choice but both choices are “scientific”.

      The unscientic choices include: the denial of Covid existing; beliefs that it is created as a plot against us; similar beliefs about the vaccine; the belief that if we are “good” and wear masks etc, the virus will go away. [I am sure you can think of more…]

  • Gianni Roccanova says:

    This is not bad luck. Bad luck would be any incident in spite of detailed and precise precautions. Just as drunk driving is not bad luck.

  • Anthony Sayer says:

    Cases. No-one actually ill, just cases…