Opera is postponed due to Brexit

Opera is postponed due to Brexit


norman lebrecht

April 01, 2021

The Teatro Real in Madrid has delayed the opening of Peter Grimes by 11 days and another opera indefinitely.

The reasons given are: a delay in the artists’ arrival to the rehearsals, caused by the restrictions in mobility and the bureaucratic obstacles of Brexit (most of the artists are British) and also to a complete readjustment of the rehearsal schedule, which could not continue in the Theatre’s rehearsal rooms due to the large number of participants in the opera.

Peter Grimes, with musical direction by Ivor Bolton, stage direction by Deborah Warner has Allan Clayton in the title role. It is a co-pro with Covent Garden, Paris and Rome.

George Benjamin’s opera Lessons in Love and Violence will, for similar reasons, be postponed to a future season.



  • Suffolk says:

    First time ever an opera has been jointly commissioned by Madrid, London, Paris and Rome?

  • Player says:

    Sounds like poor planning here – and Covid – not Brexit.

    • La plus belle voix says:

      The planning by the houses involved was fine, let it be known, very professional, but the bureaucracy for artists in the UK proved a nightmare. Singers, e.g., need post Brexit: Official application form for a work visa from embassies in the UK, to surrender UK passport for an unspecified period, Insurance, Proof of UK “resident’s permit”, Health statements – a lengthy form completed online, a “No objection letter” – from the applicant’s accountant, with proof of payment of last year’s taxes, Contract with concert presenters, Employer’s invitation from the venue, Accommodation booking confirmation, Round trip travel booking confirmation, Proof of sufficient financial guarantees – up-to-date original bank statements for the last 3 months certified by bank (online statements not accepted) showing sufficient funds to cover living expenses for the duration of the contract period. Otherwise it’s a breeze.

  • IC225 says:

    “Opera is postponed due to heavyhanded Spanish immigration regulations”

    There, fixed the headlines for you!

  • Maria says:

    In this day and age, why do they need to use British singers just because it’s an English opera? After all we have to sing foreign operas including Czech and Russian? Brexit an feeble excuse not a reason.

  • My car had a flat tyre last week……This was another example of the chaos caused by Brexit.