London’s Southbank music merger

London’s Southbank music merger


norman lebrecht

April 07, 2021

A merger has been announced between an orchestra and a venue, the Southbank Sinfonia and St John’s Smith Square.

The Sinfonia is an ensemble for new graduates who are generally not paid for their work. St John’s is a former church in search of an audience.

Press release here.




  • H Rosen says:

    Why the click bait photo?
    St John’s Smith Square is not a church, it is deconsecrated and a concert venue. Please get these small facts right.

  • d says:

    Southbank Sinfonia members are each given a grant in return for being available to the orchestra Tues-Thurs each week with occasional other dates. It works out around half the hours of an average working week and the grant is similar to half the starting salary a new grad would expect in many industries, including in the office side of classical music. Completely inaccurate to say they’re ‘generally not paid’.

    This is great news for the orchestra and the venue.

  • Jan Kaznowski says:

    misleading photo which suggested a more serious happening

  • A bassist says:

    This article reaches new heights in misleading and badly researched reporting from Slippedisc.

  • Bored Muso says:

    A great PR stunt for both, with St John’s benefiting from getting concerts from a good band for free without having to pay pro’s.

  • Mike Aldren says:

    Northbank Sinfonia?

  • Peter says:

    Nice picture of the London HQ of Royal Dutch Shell. But what’s the connection with this story ?