London Southbank chief moves to rival venue

London Southbank chief moves to rival venue


norman lebrecht

April 09, 2021

We’ve only just heard that the sinking South Bank has lost its executive director of audiences, Chris Denton.

Silly title? Not for us to say.

But there have been no audiences at the South Bank for a year and, before that, they were in steep decline.

Denton is crossing the bridge to join St Martin-in-the-Fields Ltd, the business wing of the church on Trafalgar Square, which is upgrading its classical music programmes. He will be its Chief Executive.



  • Will says:

    Do keep up Norman, this was announced ages ago!

  • Gerry McDonald says:

    I doubt if many in the profession would describe St Martin in the Fields disgraceful behaviour towards the ensembles who have provided it with music and substantial income for decades as an “upgrade”!

  • Thomas M says:

    Let’s just hope they’ll expand into new programmatic territory, too. Instead of Handel by Moonlight, Mozart Carnival and stuff like that.