Detroit Symphony seeks new chief

Detroit Symphony seeks new chief


norman lebrecht

April 21, 2021

Anne Parsons, president and CEO of the Detroit Symphony, has decided to retire next year when she turns 65.

She has been in charge since 2004, appointed Leonard Slatkin as music director in 2007 and Jader Bignamini in 2020, and steered the organisation through tough financial times, while herself battling a bout of cancer.

She’ll be hard to replace.

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  • Union member says:

    good riddance.

  • Jeff Alexander says:

    Congratulations, Anne. What an extraordinary career you have had, and what great work you have done for the DSO and the other orchestras for which you have worked. I have met no one with more enthusiasm for the artform and how important a symphony orchestra is, and transformative it can be, for a city and its inhabitants! Brava!