Covid takes its weekly toll of musicians

Covid takes its weekly toll of musicians


norman lebrecht

April 19, 2021

These are the fatalities of the past week

278 Bangladesh singer Mita Haque, 59

279 Flute maker Sandy Drelinger

280 Pianist Derek Han, 63

281 Bangladesh music director Farid Ahmed

282 Indian singer Vira Sathidar, 61

283 Brazilian singer Agnaldo Timóteo, 84

284 Canadian violinist Gerard Kantarjian, 89

285 Italian soprano Lucia Naviglio, 63

286 Concertgebouw violist Peter Sokole, 76

287 Indian singer Shyam Dehati, 3os

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  • Hayne says:

    Let’s take these statistics at face value (which most people don’t). Here is an article on a break in how covid19 is treated. God bless the brave doctor fighting the establishment in treatment. Let’s hope Australia leads the way out of this miasma.

  • Jim says:

    Rocco Filippini should be on this list.