Canada abolishes music school

Canada abolishes music school


norman lebrecht

April 22, 2021

Laurentian University in northern Ontario has closed its music department to save money, with the loss of several posts.

The department chair, Yoko Hirota, will go back to being a concert pianist. Her husband, professor Robert Lemay, is also out of work.

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  • Bill says:

    Yet another sensationalist headline. Canada didn’t abolish a music school. A Canadian university closed its music department, a department which appears to have a total of 4 faculty members.

  • fflambeau says:

    Short-sighted administrators, nothing new there.

  • Peter San Diego says:

    It makes the 4-college linkup of the preceding story seem even more important.

  • msc says:

    As Bill says above, it isn’t “Canada” in any meaningful sense. It is the incompetent administration of Laurentian that is making the decision. I know faculty there, and the rot goes very deep.

  • Karl says:

    My local Uni is planning to eliminate several programs including geology. Music is being folded into a school of the arts instead of being eliminated.