Berlin’s Philharmonie is now a Covid testing centre

Berlin’s Philharmonie is now a Covid testing centre


norman lebrecht

April 23, 2021

Message received:

The Philharmonie Berlin will be the central test point for the Kulturforum: on April 23, there will open in the transitional foyer of the Philharmonie Berlin a Covid test center, which will start its regular operation on Monday April 26th. The external operator “CovidZentrum” offers free antigen rapid tests (“citizen tests”), the regular antigen rapid tests as well as daily updated PCR tests on. Appropriate certificates of the test result are issued.
To book an appointment:
The Covid test center in the transition foyer of the Philharmonie (entrance from the direction of Potsdamer Platz) is provisionally open to the public on Monday, Friday and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Offizielles Covid-Testzentrum ab 26. April 2021 in der Philharmonie Berlin
Die Philharmonie Berlin wird zur zentralen Test-Anlaufstelle für das Kulturforum: am 23. April öffnet im Übergangsfoyer der Philharmonie Berlin ein Covid-Testzentrum, das seinen regulären Betrieb am Montag, dem 26. April, aufnehmen wird. Die Einrichtung des externen Betreibers „CovidZentrum“ bietet kostenlose Antigen-Schnelltests („Bürgertests“), die regulären Antigen-Schnelltests sowie tagesaktuelle PCR-Tests an. Es werden entsprechende Atteste über das Testergebnis ausgestellt.
Zur Terminbuchung:
Das Covid-Testzentrum im Übergangsfoyer der Philharmonie (Eingang aus Richtung Potsdamer Platz) wird vorläufig Mo., Fr. und Sa. von 7 – 19 Uhr und Di., Mi. und Do. von 7 – 17 Uhr für die Öffentlichkeit geöffnet sein.




  • Sir Simon Fauci says:

    It simply wouldn’t be safe to do concerts without a ton of health safety theater. That’s why the history of orchestras over the last 200 years is bloody and filled with deadly outbreaks of variants of the illnesses of the day. Thank god the technology has finally arrived to make the primitive activity of coming together, gathering with fellow plague-vectors, and enjoying music safe.

  • Sisko24 says:

    I wonder if they’ll have their house organist come in to play for those getting a vaccine as Canterbury(?) Cathedral did? What a wonderful way of relaxing and de-stressing those waiting to receive and those working to give out the vaccine at the Philharmonie!

  • Greg Bottini says:

    Good work, Berlin Phil management!