A flute concerto gets its world premiere tomorrow

A flute concerto gets its world premiere tomorrow


norman lebrecht

April 30, 2021

Rotterdam Phil’s principal flute Joséphine Olech will play a new concerto by Thierry Eschaich, at 2.15 Saturday on the orch’s Facebook page.

The new-music world is revolving once again.


  • RW2013 says:

    Considering the mass of good music that is rarely or never performed, I can’t say that I have ever missed the “new-music world”.

  • John Borstlap says:

    Escaich is a highly-gifted new-tonal French composer, like Nicolas Bacri, Richard Dubugnon, Guillaume Connesson – belonging to the postboulez movement: composers who pick-up prewar aesthetics and develop them to their own personal taste.


  • E Rand says:

    is she…. oh my god…is she really making a white power symbol in this picture? White supremacy is everywhere. disgusting. I am literally shaking…

    • Anon says:

      Unbelievable. She’s French, you moron. Most US flutists have no idea what that sign means so I seriously doubt that a French flutist would.

      Back in the day that gesture used to mean “A OK”. It was the same as a thumbs up sign. No correlation whatsoever with any political movement.

      Stop reading evil into innocence. That’s how cancel culture was born in the US.

      • John Kelly says:

        Quite right

      • Barry says:

        Agreed. Unfortunately, the current or recent champion of Jeopardy, a popular American game-show, caused a stir by holding his hand like that to signify he had won three episodes. It led to hundreds of former contestants sending a letter of complaint to the show’s producers that included a call for them to hire a sensitivity expert. We’ve gone flat out mad over here.

      • John G. says:

        I think that E. Rand was just being sarcastic. And, by the way, the sign means “okay” for most reasonable people.

      • E Rand says:

        (Anon didn’t realize I was being facetious. This must be very embarrassing…)

    • BRUCEB says:

      I realize this is a joke (not everyone will, as you can already see from the responses so far; look up the “Poe effect”), but from the [one] article I read about the white-power symbol, apparently her hand is in the wrong position. You’re supposed to make the “OK” sign upside down (I guess it’s like the way turning a cross upside down makes it satanic?). Sadly for the sake of your joke, it appears she’s just making an “OK” sign.

    • Jon Eiche says:

      Lighten up, everyone! E Rand was being facetious.

      • Anon says:

        Not the time or the place. Really inappropriate.

        • E Rand says:

          Oh! Ok! Can you please let me know when you’ve decided for the internet when it’s the right time?

          • Anon says:

            Definitely not after a positive & uplifting post like this. Why say sh** like that? It’s not even funny. Yeah, you’re right, must be very embarassing. . .

        • E Rand says:

          Oh! Ok! Can you please let me know when you’ve decided for the internet when it’s the right time?

  • Paul Sullivan says:

    Apparently “A OK” seems to have been hi-jacked by the QAnon crowd.