Violist keeps video diary of 21-day Hong Kong quarantine

Violist keeps video diary of 21-day Hong Kong quarantine


norman lebrecht

March 11, 2021

The French viola player Adrien La Marca is locked in a Hong Kong hotel room for 21 days ahead of a concert with the Hong Kong Sinfonietta.

He’s keeping us updated about his laundry:


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The times we live in.



  • Tei says:

    Sounds like absolute hell. He’s probably going to have to quarantine when he comes back so that’s 5 weeks total. We only have 52 weeks in a year… so say good bye to about 10% of your life in isolation….

  • mary says:

    Hong Kong is Hong Kong no more.

    Once it was a British colony, now It’s a penal colony.

    • Rick says:

      No it isn’t. Anyway, any HK citizen that doesn’t like the inevitable change can now freely get their UK or Canadian passports (or whatever is offered to them) and leave. China certainly doesn’t lack people to fill up the city and they are not stoping anyone from leaving.

  • Fred Funk says:

    Just start playing Harold, on a diet of bratwursts, fried cabbage, Gouda, and state which day of the week you intend to do laundry. Problem solved.