Vienna’s ousted principal finds a seat in Paris

Vienna’s ousted principal finds a seat in Paris


norman lebrecht

March 10, 2021

The Italian flute player Silvia Careddu has been named solo flute at the Orchestre National de France.

Silvia, 44, was selected as principal by the Vienna Philharmonic but in January 2019 was refused tenure after less than eighteen months on grounds that were neither unanimous nor entirely clear.

They will cherish her in Paris.



  • Gerry McDonald says:

    A great artist, hope it goes well for her!

  • Marco says:

    Good for the Orchestra but a step down for her. Not because of the Vienna Phil, she is just much better than any Orchestra in France. In Europe, Concertgebouw or LSO or even Gewandhaus (boring though they are) is more up to her level. Like her more than their current players, except for the Concertgebouw lady. She’s a solid player.
    Actually, even though everyone hates the Vienna guys for this, she was also not a good fit for them and I’m sure she felt the same. She’s got heart and a diapason of emotions and colors that Vienna simply doesn’t. And I mean that for the City itself, as well.
    in the US I’d gladly watch her as a Principal of NYPO, CSO, BSO, LA (in fact, rather better match than any of the current ones) and even the MET (but I wouldn’t wish that job to my worst enemies, even with the pay).
    Anyway, good for her! Hope to see her live soon again.

  • Rich says:

    A similar thing happened to Jasmine Choi in the Vienna Symphony a few years ago.
    I heard her with the Cincinnati Symphony as second flute and she was phenomenal. I realize orchestras may have their reasons for not tenuring someone such as chemistry and ensemble. Still it’s disappointing and considering those two orchestras not employing many women, it raises an eyebrow.