Turin closes opera corruption inquiry

Turin closes opera corruption inquiry


norman lebrecht

March 05, 2021

The police inquiry into alleged collusion between William Graziosi, former head of Teatro Regio Torino, and two Swiss artist agencies has been concluded by the prosecutor, amid street chatter of political interference.

Bottom line: nobody squealed.



  • Italian please says:

    In Italian language, chiudere (to close) an investigation means that the investigators have finished their job and they’re passing their result to the judges who have to assess, through due process, whether the facts constitute crime or not.

    It’s not been called off. It’s just starting. Italian please…

  • Francesco says:

    It seems there has been a translation mistake: the investigation was not called off, it was completed and is now going to trial.
    In this context, the Italian word “closed” means “completed” (as in “close the circuit”), it does not mean “shut down” (as in “the shop was closed”)