The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (317): Bryn’s spring

The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (317): Bryn’s spring


norman lebrecht

March 01, 2021

Happy St David’s Day.



  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    Diolch yn fawr, Norman.

  • cymry gorau yw cymry oddi cartre says:

    Horrible sentimentality from Bryn.
    The Welsh have a special line in gross and overblown sentimentality.
    It makes sensible people want to throw up!

    “oddiwrth cymru oddi adre….”cymru cymraeg am byth”..aob.
    Bryn peidiwch!
    os gwelwch yn dda, mae’n ddiflas dros ben! ach y fi!

    • Greg Bottini says:

      You may be Welsh, “cymry gorau yw cymry oddi cartre”, but you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.
      Bryn Terfel is one of the most brilliant and beautiful-voiced singers I ever heard in person.
      As an encore at his San Francisco recital (sometime around mid-2000s, I think) he sang “Roses of Picardy”. He made me and a goodly number of the audience cry like babies.
      You may call it “horrible sentimentality”, but I call it deeply heartfelt and touching musical communication.

      • Bryn ar hyd y dydd says:

        Well I also went to Y Faenol did you?
        Bryn has a special gift in bashing out crap and sentimental recycled rubbish which sounds even worse on bad recordings and PA.
        It’s even worse when the BBC on their interview on Radio Cymru the other day (in Welsh) are literally licking his boots.
        Makes you cringe!

        At least good old Geraint Evans and that marvellous old goon didn’t stoop to that.
        The goon Secombe & Geraint had better voices than Bryn any day!

        I saw Geraint Evans in Meistersinger, did you?

        • Greg Bottini says:

          Well, “Bryn ar hyd y dydd”, to answer your question:
          No, I did not see Geraint Evans in Meistersinger, and although I would have liked to have done so, I don’t see what that has to do with Bryn Terfel.
          And I have no idea what “Y Faenol” is.
          Bottom line, pally: asyn wyt ti.

  • Richard Bloesch says:

    Let’s face it: It’s a gorgeous tune and Bryn sings it beautifull

  • What a beautiful piece to celebrate St David’s Day. Obviously you are not a sentimental person. I think it is wonderful that it is celebrated and I have enjoyed being in Swansea in former years on this date. The Welsh have commitment and dedication to their nation!!! One of my students wished me a Happy St David’s Day today which I thought was so lovely.

  • Gus says:

    There used to be a programme on the wireless from BBC Wales from the bedside of patients – one was my mother who talked about her experience of being evacuated as a teacher with her class from London to Suffolk during the war. Suffolk, before the motor car was idyllic. Her record request was “Ar Hyd Y Nos.”

    I had a girlfriend for a short time who was called Myfanwy. She hated it whenever this song was played.

    So, diolch yn fawr iawn for this gentle reminder on St David’s day.

    Has anyone mentioned we won the triple crown on Saturday?