The Israel Phil’s at your door…

The Israel Phil’s at your door…


norman lebrecht

March 25, 2021

…. with a happy passover.



  • Greg Bottini says:

    Happy Passover to all you Philharmonic folks too! Thanks for the nice vid!

  • Doris Levine says:

    Such fun!!
    A ziessen Pesach!

  • Lovin’ it a lot. A ziss’n Pesach y’all

  • Sisko24 says:

    I saw this last night on my smarTV while waiting on a video to load. I laughed at this and am glad to see/hear it online.

    May all who commemorate/celebrate Passover have a very good one!

  • Paul Carlile says:

    Lovely! Great video, real fun (nice playing too!).
    Chag Pesach sameach!