Rift at London agency as associate director quits

Rift at London agency as associate director quits


norman lebrecht

March 23, 2021

We hear that Tugce Tez has left her position as associate director of HarrisonParrott. The agency has erased her from its website.

We requested a statement and this is what we got: Tugce Tez has decided to resign from her position as Associate Director (not Director) at HP after ten years as a highly valued and respected member of HP’s senior management team.  We are very sorry to see her leave and wish her well in her future endeavours and continue to work with her during her notice period and hope to continue to do so in the future.  HarrisonParrott’s highest priority will as ever continue to be the delivery of world class creative partnership for our artists, our talented teams and our international collaborators.

Her artists include Alice Sara Ott, Víkingur Ólafsson and Ksenija Sidorova. She won’t be out of the business for long.

This was Tugce in happier times with Jasper Parrott, the year before last.



  • Ohio says:

    Tugce appears not to have been ‘erased’ from HP’s site – she is still listed at https://www.harrisonparrott.com/contacts/artist-management and https://www.harrisonparrott.com/contacts/vocal

  • yujafan says:

    ASO and Ksenija Sidorova are both good artists to represent

  • bruno michel says:

    What a sensationalist headline, as always! What elements do you have to say that she has left the company because of a “rift”? Many people leave their alma mater agency to found another one (it has happened not long ago), or to pursue a career in another sector (it has unfortunately happened also lately), without there being any animosity or even disagreements, so, please, do tell us what makes you say that there is a rift there.

  • Henry Rosen says:

    Don’t you think she has a nice job lined up Norm?

  • Jonathan Sutherland says:

    I had the pleasure of meeting Tuğçe Tez on several occasions – mostly in connection with Ksenija Sidorova.
    I was always impressed with her dedicated professionalism, quiet efficiency and engaging, warm personality.
    I have no doubt that the artists currently under her management, and in all likelihood many more, will want to retain her services.
    What this posting fails to mention is that for some time now Madame Tez has been working from her home base in Istanbul and not at HP offices in London.
    Perhaps this arrangement was no longer of mutual benefit?

    • X.Y. says:

      I happen to know that all the members of the HP-agency work mostly from home because of the lockdown. So this is nothing that concerns Mrs.Tz exclusively.