Opera chief is held in embezzlement probe

Opera chief is held in embezzlement probe


norman lebrecht

March 05, 2021

The controversial Beatrice Rancea has been suspended as general manager of the state opera in Iasi, Romania.

Rancea, who left Bucharest after considerable turbulence, is being investigated over alleged mishandling of a million Euros.

Most of the drama in Romanian opera seems to take place upstairs in the office.




  • Karl says:

    If you are careful and don’t get too greedy embezzling is a good way to pad your income. Just skim 0.1%. I know a woman who did that at a workplace 20 years ago. I knew she was doing it. My boss must have known, but when I asked for an investigation it was denied. Easier to just claim a money counting error and transfer the suspect somewhere else.