New online: The master of maestros

New online: The master of maestros


norman lebrecht

March 12, 2021

A Finnish documentary (with French subtitles) on Ilya Musin, teacher of Gergiev, Bychkov, Currentzis, Martin Brabbins and other prominent conductors.



  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    I saw him once at the Barbican. He had to be helped on to the stage but once on the podium “Dr Theatre” took over and he was magnificent. A few weeks later he stood in for Gergiev at the RFH and I missed it and was very cross!

  • Monika says:

    Did Professor Musin was teaching also Maestro Jerzy SEMKOW?

  • José Bergher says:

    Great documentary! Thank you, Mr. Lebrecht.

  • Wilhelm says:

    Very young Mikko Franck taking part in Musin’s masterclass. This was an interesting one to watch, thank you for sharing.

  • pianomike says:

    his pupils are of such variable quality that it raises questions about what he really imparted to them, imho

  • Edward says:

    Fascinating how Musin favors conducting Mozart’s Seraglio as a series of events, rather than for the long line.

  • Paavo says:

    Among Finnish pupils Tuomas Hannikainen (Ollila), Mikko Franck, Susanna Mälkki, Sakari Oramo, Jani Telaranta, Tuomas Rousi.

  • Herbert says:

    As a longtime orchestral musician, I would say that it would be nice to see a downbeat once in a while. I believe this is a typical case of mediocre conducting “teachers” taking credit for the accomplishments of their students, when – in fact – they had little, or nothing, to do with their students’ success. Ask any “maestro” who “studied” with Jorma Panula.

    • Novagerio says:

      Herbert (?) The typical arrogance of a longtime mediocre “orchestral musician”, who needs a guillotine-sharp firewood chop, cos he’s too lazy to count or too deaf to follow his colleagues.
      Prof.Ilya Alexandrovich Musin is part of musical history, you are just another anonymous bitter nobody, hiding in the mass.

  • Novagerio says:

    Good to see an almost cute Mikko in his sober teens! Mälkki looked however already like an “aunty” back then (!)
    And a big RIP Telaranta

  • Musin-anti-music-culture says:

    MUSIN was a crappy teacher who couldn’t do anything even close to Solti, Fricsay, Reiner or hold a candle to Mr Mravinski.
    He seems to have had a fixation about systemisation of gestures, which led to “parkinson” shakers like that other crap fixed Gergiev, or the wild waving cult Greek a-hole Correntzis.

    (I’ve watched that cretin Gergiev attempt to rehearse, and often watched Correntzis try to do exactly the same).

    They can’t make music, so they do all the rest by PR.

    As a lesson in conducting, all you need to watch is Kleiber at his best, or Celibidache with Michelangeli, or Toscanini.
    I can’t for the life of me understand how Musin ever got noticed for anything, apart from totally destroying the art of conducting.

  • pjl says:

    His concert at the Barbican aged about 93 was a very special event, especially for the Prokofiev 1 & the Rimsky Capriccio Espagnole but above all for the encore, a Liadov Polonaise: the finest encore I have heard in a concert, closely followed by Jimmy Loughran doing the ‘Van der Valk’ theme and David Zinman’s 3rd encore at the RFH with the Baltimore: ‘Twist & Shout’.

  • Novagerio says:

    Musin-anti-music-culture: You have to be a millenial 😀 😀 😀 Your totally confused anger is actually amusing !!
    Have you actually seen Fricsay, Solti, Celibidache, Reiner and Mravinsky teach? – Oh, and Toscanini ??…Cos I’m afraid you are mixing up being a conductor and being a pedagogue.
    Musin’s pedagogy is about expressing the music with your own means through the gesture – what he himself learned from his own teacher Nikolai Malko. Thus endeth the lesson.
    From 1932 and until his last year in life (1999) he taught at least 1.000 students. I trust some of them, like Bychkov, Temirkanov, Agrest, Sokhiev, Sian Edwards, Martyn Brabbins and many many more will disagree A LOT with you 😉
    Anyway, live happily pal !!!

  • pjl says:

    wonderful to see behind him a photo of Arvids Jansons, a true great and unfairly in the shadow of Mravinsky (and in a sense of Mariss)