Michael Jackson’s son: My father listened to Mozart and Beethoven at home

Michael Jackson’s son: My father listened to Mozart and Beethoven at home


norman lebrecht

March 27, 2021

Son-of speaks.

Barber’s Adagio was a family favourite, apparently.



  • Alexander T says:

    Wow. I could have gone through life not knowing that.

  • MacroV says:

    I don’t find that surprising at all. Messed up as he was on a personal level, he was an extraordinary musician and I’m sure he knew a lot of music outside his particular range.

    • Drogba says:

      Messed up in what sense? He was an incredible man irrespective of his talents. Please do some research, no need to think negatively of a man you never met personally

      • FUdrogba says:

        Giving little boys alcohol aka “Jesus juice”then having his way with them while they are passed out is the sense in which he meant.. you need to do YOUR research fn idiot.

        • Paige Summers says:

          And you know this as fact do you?…. It’s all bullshit….he was used as a cash cow…and people manipulated him not the
          other way round

        • FakeJesusJuice says:

          I mean…you do know that story is completely false right and that particular charge he was found innocent on lol? No need to call names, go and watch “Square One” on Amazon Prime or YouTube and report back to me….that’s if you have an open mind to do so? If not then, well…you just want him to be guilty lol…can’t help you there mate

  • anon says:

    We forgive and overlook so much because of a person’s talents; the greater the talent, the greater the forgiveness and the overlooking.

    Compare this site’s treatment of Michael Jackson to James Levine. It’s hard to imagine that SD would ever write a fluff piece in the future about what James Levine listened to at home.

    Legally speaking, the most sordid detail anonymously alleged against Levine in blogs wouldn’t even rise to the level of the lowest of the criminal charges prosecutors brought against Jackson at trial.

    What did Levine need to do to get favorable coverage on this site?

    Actually carry a little black boy in his arms and to sit on his lap to be photographed in public (Emmanuel Lewis)? Actually take a along a little white boy to accompany him on his tour and stay with him at his hotel (Mccauley Culkin)?

    I do actually want to know that James Levine actually listened to Thriller in the privacy of his own home.

  • Nijinsky says:

    What privileges aren’t given an icon, in this day an age of celebrity Gods. Privileges to not doubt they’re anything but “Gods.” Here’s an interview with two boys that alleged he sexually abused them, you can watch the videos and decide for yourselves. https://deadline.com/2019/02/wade-robson-james-safechuck-cbs-this-morning-michael-jackson-sexual-abuse-leaving-neverland-1202566879/

    • VeritasMisericordia says:

      I look at these two men’s facial expressions and blink patterns and wonder……..
      The terrible things some people will do for money.

    • VeritasMisericordia says:

      I look at the two men’s body language, facial expressions and blink patterns and wonder…..
      The terrible things some people will do for money including character assassination. At least they waited and didn’t ‘kill’ him in his lifetime like some others.

      The other side; Macaulay Culkin:


      • Nijinsky says:

        There’s a difference between indoctrination and thinking. In fact thinking is thinking, rather than indoctrination. When someone says to me “I look at the two men’s body language, facial expressions and blink patterns and wonder…..
        The terrible things some people will do for money including character assassination.” I don’t think that’s thinking. And that comes from thought.

        They also aren’t at all doing character assassination. They very clearly point out that Michael had a problem. Pointing out he might have encountered that behavior himself as a child, and one can only wonder whether maybe he was trying to find the child he had lost himself, the one he was as a child. If he could have expressed what went on behind locked doors in the “entertainment” business, or even how stuff was represented as “religion,” who knows where, where such things happen in “churches” or who knows where. Which is shared in the interview there. That would have been quite different. However, that didn’t happen. At least not before Mr. Jackson moved on from the physical. But neither of those boys went on with such behavior towards others, and they just wanted to expose that it does happen, so others see they aren’t alone. And you do not know whether Michael beyond the physical also is ready, and is helping them. You simply do not know that. In fact, you clearly wouldn’t even allow that, would he want to.

        No I really don’t think they are opportunists, looking to get money. Neither of them knew each other before they found they had the same story. And the one that was so groomed that he wasn’t ready to tell his, if he truly was opportunist, he wouldn’t have admitted he basically perjured. He might have stayed with his story, and gotten all sorts of accolades from the Jackson estate instead.

  • PierGiorgio Maffei says:

    Here is the million-dollar question: At what level did Michael Jackson understand the music? Could he tell you about Sonata-Allegro form in a Beethoven symphony or analyze the fugal writing in Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony? Can a person who understands great music be artistically satisfied performing pop songs? There’s nothing wrong with an amateur listening to the music of Beethoven and Mozart and appreciating only 40% of what is going on (that was true of me before I entered music conservatory at age 18) but did Prince Jackson say that to raise his father’s stature in the halls of music? “I can’t tell you the names of the songs” is not a statement one would say about a composer’s oeuvre unless specifically referring to lieder. Also, does he not mispronounce Mozart’s name with a voiced “Z” and say Modzart instead of Motsart?
    I now expect a barrage of comments calling me a snob….

    • Patricia says:

      He was a waste of clothes.

    • MacroV says:

      Yeah, he probably could. True, he wasn’t conservatory-trained, what with being his family’s meal ticket from about age 5, but you think Michael Jackson wasn’t a great musician?

  • John Borstlap says:

    An anthropologically-interesting video for the over-educated about a posthumous coming-out.

  • Zandonai says:

    And Mozart and Beethoven loved pop music also.

  • Leighth says:

    Classical Everything Grows The Mind !

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    Didn’t make him a better person, though, did it!!!

  • Hilary says:

    Bernstein’s birthday wish was to meet MJ. Hence this photo.

  • Bishop Sherry says:

    Wonderful so glad you are okay. God Bless You.