Free opera stream of the day: Muti makes a debut

Free opera stream of the day: Muti makes a debut


norman lebrecht

March 11, 2021

Tonight at 8pm Italian time (7pm London, 2pm NY) the Teatro Regio if Turin will free-stream Riccardo Muti conducting Mozart’s Così fan tutte in a production by his daughter, Chiara Muti.

The cast includes Eleonora Buratto as Fiordiligi, Paola Gardina as Dorabella, Alessandro Luongo as Guglielmo, and Giovanni Sala as Ferrando.

It is Muti’s first appearance in Turin.

Click here to watch.



  • Yes, but... says:

    According to the note at the website, «This content can be accessed only from the following countries: IT, SM, VA.» (Italy, San Marino, the Vatican)

    • sam says:

      “…the Vatican”

      Giving exclusive access to a bunch of celibate octogenarian cardinals to watch a bunch of women being seduced is both a waste and a provocation.

  • Fake David Letterman says:


    10) La Scala and Vienna audiences unanimously vote Dudamel sexiest conductor of all time. And conductor with the best hair

    9) On a freezing Chicago winter night, Muti’s driver pretends to be taking him over to Pelago to dine in intimate company. But the chap is lying and drops him off at TGI Friday’s instead. Muti is forced to binge on chicken nuggets and beer, joined by “the horrible woman” (i) and two dozens of his least favorite donors

    8) Muti’s attorneys get lazy and do not catch a poison-pill clause in his new Chicago contract, requiring him to learn one new piece of repertoire per year (ii)

    7) Only British, US or Aussie singers are available to perform as soloists on his programs

    6) The Cherubini musicians borrow the UK Uber drivers’ playbook and drag Muti and his family business to court. They seek fair compensation, paid vacation, benefits, and royalties from DVD/CD/streaming sales (iii)

    5) Alfonso Signorini airs Muti’s dirty laundry on Dr. Phil

    4) Jeff Alexander goes to behavioral therapy, grows a spine and decides to [REDACTED — MY LEGAL COUNSEL SAID I CAN’T WRITE THIS DOWN IF I AM NOT ACCEPTED IN THE FBI WITNESS PROTECTION PROGRAM FIRST]

    3) Bezos reveals what he, Muti and Weiner have in common

    2) The ghost of Theodore Thomas appears to Ms. Zell in a dream and orders her to clean house (iv). She names Lissner new CSO President and the boss’ first executive action is to cancel all of Muti’s concerts

    1) Classical music fans congregate in a colossal horde and guffaw at him while he endeavors, unsuccessfully, to straighten The Leaning Tower of Pisa! (v)

    Have a Great Day everyone!!



    i) Muti’s secret nickname for a very, very (did I mention very?) important lady.

    ii) An opportunity any MD in his tenth year of reign. To him, a crude nightmare. And no, obscure Neapolitan school XVIII century orchestral works don’t count, … nice try though!

    iii) “Those fickle, greedy, ungrateful kids … what has the world come down to!!??”

    iv) The ghost also breaks down #i) for her.

    v) If he were alive, old Sigmund would be enthralled by this one! 😉

    • Player says:

      You seem, how can I put it, a trifle ‘damaged’ by Signor Muti?

    • sam says:

      11) Muti having to fly back to Chicago to work just so he can get a vaccine because Italy doesn’t have any more.

      12) Muti having to get vaccinated when he goes back to Chicago, when he doesn’t NEED to be vaccinated (or to wear a mask), because he is, afterall, IL MAESTRO.

    • CSOA Insider says:

      Decides to clamp down on Muti’s private hobbies financed by the organization.

  • Ebrezza di 20. says:

    Nel rimirare in quell’istante eterno gli Occhi Tuoi, e Te possente in fondo all’Oro, mi sono ritrovata in una Sostanza Trasfigurata.

    Prima gelida Virgo prerafaelita, ora ebrezza incosciente, istintiva, spontanea, sorgente dal mio letto d’ulva a fluire verso la tua Promessa, accompagnando Te nella Macchia abbagliante di candida guazza.

    Presso l’ampia frasca voluttuosa, io nel Nido intarsiata di aromatiche gemme e oleandri profumati, porgendoti teneramente frutti da gustare.

    E il Pomo turgido, inghirlandato di madidi diamanti e fulgidi, eccolo schiudersi palpitante sol per Te, mio Re.

    Deh, ho non-vissuto, spezzata Ombra di moto, attendendo che il carro Pizio sorgesse ottanta e più volte ancora. E temevo che la mia anima di spengesse in quell’oblio.

    Ora sono, di nuovo, Fuoco e Stelle.


  • Gustavo says:

    Just booked him for Aida 125 in Verona.

    If Corona rules I shall donate my ticket.