English National Opera abandons historic venue

English National Opera abandons historic venue


norman lebrecht

March 06, 2021

ENO has put its Lilian Bayliss studios up for sale, saying it needs a more ‘flexible and modern’ rehearsal facility.

The studios, in West Hampstead, were previously Decca’s recording base, home to Vera Lynn, Benjamin Britten, Kathleen Ferrier, Clifford Curzon and countless other legends.

They have been disintegrating for decades for want of strategic investment and development.

ENO’s long-term survival is in the balance after a prolonged pre-Covid slump.



  • IntBaritone says:

    Wonder what shows rehearse there? I have rehearsed in a massive Film/TV sound stage further away when I have been there, so it’s not like this was constantly in use…

  • Bob Goldsmith says:

    There is no evidence of ENO’s long-term future being in the balance. Just another example of your poisonous journalism that parades prejudiced opinion as fact.

  • Maximillian says:

    The real estate value of this site must be considerable but it’s hard to imagine ENO finding an equivalent space just 20 minutes on the Jubilee Line from the Coliseum

  • Una says:

    Remember having my singing lessons there with Josephine Veasey and when she was the voice consultant for ENO. Along time ago.

  • Suzanne De Mattos says:

    Good riddance I say. It was always a nightmare to work in and not fit for purpose