Breaking: Pappano quits Rome

Breaking: Pappano quits Rome


norman lebrecht

March 31, 2021

The incoming chief conductor of the London Symphony Orchestra has resigned his post with the Santa Cecilia Orchestra in Rome. Antonio Pappano has been music director there since 2005.

The list of likely successsors is headed by Daniele Gatti.



  • Barry Guerrero says:

    Seems like a win/win, all the way around.

    • OperaPass says:

      A win / win?

      Pappano the head of the ROH and the LSO? That’s insanity. Two huge positions make his time split too much. With his extremely high salary, he shouldn’t be splitting duties with another organization.

      Gatti, while being IMO a very B-level conductor, and a me-too magnet, shouldn’t even be considered for the Santa Cecilia. He shouldn’t even be in Rome.

      • James says:

        He’s leaving the ROH. This is great news for the LSO and sad for Santa Cecilia, but then he’s done incredible things with them during a long tenure.

        • OperaPass says:

          The ROH has confirmed Pappano through 2024. So he isn’t leaving anytime soon.

          • Emil says:

            …which is when he’s starting LSO. He will not actually overlap between the two (he’ll have one season as MD designate at LSO during his last ROH).

          • V.Lind says:

            At the rate things are going, he may not take a podium in front of an audience in either role till 2024.

          • Alistair Cruickshank says:

            He will be doing both jobs for only 10 months!!

          • Jakob says:

            He becomes Chief Conductor of the LSO in September 2024 and steps down at ROH in July 2024. No splitting, unless his role as “Chief Conductor Designate” from September 2023 requires a lot of him time wise.

      • Karl says:

        Gatti should be working for Biden or Andrew Cuomo I guess. Plenty of vids exist of them harassing and molesting women but they keep their jobs. And they are far worse politicians that Gatti is as a conductor.

      • CSOA Insider says:

        We see all classes of scandal-prone magnets. Some me-too, some of other species. A few, more shrewd, haven’t been caught yet.

        Arguably none of them should be where they are.

      • Fernandel says:

        “Gatti a B-level conductor”… OperaPass, if you ever want to start a career as a comic actor, I engage you immediately.

      • BruceB says:

        They like that kind of thing in Italy, apparently. So — if he gets the job — let them be happy together, and we can all be glad he’s off the market for the time being.

      • Sam says:

        Have you worked with him? If you had you would know that he is one of the very finest in the world. Give me a break.

  • Pete Parker says:

    He will be leaving the ROH before he joins the LSO.

  • Concertgebouw79 says:

    I can understand that Pappano finishes his story with this orchestra who plays in a way so sweet and too frequently underrated. I remember a concert Pappano did with a Schumann I will never forget. But all the stories even the best must have a end. And for a musical boss it could be dangerous to stay at one place too longer.

  • Don Ciccio says:

    So is this the new model? Multiple appointments in the same city?

    Certainly this is the case for Pappano with the LSO and Covent Garden. So, if Gatti does indeed come back to Santa Cecilia (where he was principal conductor before) and keeps his Rome opera post, he’ll also have two important posts in a major musical city – OK, not as major as London, Vienna and a few others, but not negligible either.

  • I do think that under all the circumstances the LSO has made a wise choice.

    • Concertgebouw79 says:

      I’am agree. Pappano seems to be beloved by the public of London and he will do the same thing Haitink did in the 80’s and 90’s when he was at the LPO and later at Covent garden.

      • mike says:

        Some of the London public maybe, but definitely not all. His double appointment might well drive some listeners to other orchestras, ensembles and company where he doesn’t have a strangle-hold.

  • Anthony Sayer says:

    Is he being replaced by Dame Edna?

  • Simon says:

    Shame for us Romans!

  • Tim Walton says:

    Gatti. You must be desperate. There are 100s better than him

  • Phyllis Stringer says:

    Who is the lady in the photograph?

  • Richard says:

    It will be interesting to see if Pappano continues his usual conducting style ,( Hands only,no baton ) with LSO .