Breaking: Italian clarinetist, 57, dies after receiving Covid jab

Breaking: Italian clarinetist, 57, dies after receiving Covid jab


norman lebrecht

March 14, 2021

Italian media have identified a man who died hours after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine against Covid-19.

He is Sandro Tognatti, 57, a clarinetist in the RAI orchestra of Turin and professor at the Conservatory of Novara.

UPDATE: His wife has issued a statement

Professor Andrew Pollard, director of the Oxford vaccine group which developed the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab, has said “safety is clearly absolutely paramount” and no link had been found between the vaccine and blood clots. He was speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme after several European countries suspended use of the coronavirus vaccine over concerns about possible side effects.


  • Maria says:

    I have had AZ x 2 and I am fine.

  • Ulrich says:

    The headline insinuates that Mr Tognatti’s death is connected to his vaccination with AstraZeneca.

    In turbulent times like these, with so many artists without employment, this headline is shameless, and embarrassing.

    • V.Lind says:

      Yes it is, but…take a look at today’s news and see how many countries have at least suspended the use of Astra Zenica, with a too frequent incidence of blood clotting after injection being reported in places like Norway, and after two deaths in Sicily related to it before Tognatti. So Italy joins the list.

      I am very pro-vaccine, and awaiting my turn here in Canada (where rollout has been slower than in the UK. But I am hoping to be assigned another type — if we are even using AZ — and of not I may pass.

  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    Poor man. I have had that vaccine with no problem…… I hope. Sympathy to his family.

    • Elizabeth Owen says:

      According to BBC News site today some 3,000 people die from blood clots so it is difficult to blame the vaccine

      • Hayne says:

        Ahyes, the esteemed BBC who helped give us the Iraq war and also the thoroughly discredited Syrian “poison gas” episodes…

  • Bill says:

    My friend died an hour after eating a bowl of Oatmeal. Oatmeal is obviously bad for you.

    Oh, I forgot to mention; he was hit by a bus.

    Post hoc ergo propter hoc.

    • Christopher Clift says:

      In view of the tragedy to befall the clarinettist and his family, irrespective of the cause of his death, this response is really in very BAD taste.

  • Kevin Koll de Cutte says:


    Please stop unnecessarily fear-mongering. Love the rest of your content, though!

    All the best,


  • V.Lind says:

    Apparently a bad batch. (According to the Telegraph: you have to scroll down a bit to find the reference to Tognatti.

  • Simon Scott says:

    Another vaccine horror story.
    I, for one, flatly refuse to be ‘vaccinated’. Another big covid con.

    • VM says:

      Hi Simon I don’t want the vaccine (any of them) either but we are in the minority unfortunately. Don’t give up!

  • Minnesota says:

    Sorry the man died, but a Covid shot “connection” should not be mentioned in this manner until medical authorities investigate the event and come to some conclusions. People die of a lot of things all the time, but deaths from Covid vaccines are extremely rare to non-existent.

    • Petros Linardos says:

      Confirmed deaths from Covid Vaccine: 0

      Confirmed deaths from Covid: 2.6 million

    • Dragonetti says:

      I’d much rather that we could stick to matters musical on these pages. The discussions are varied and interesting.
      If anyone is still in doubt over this matter then I suggest they refer to Prof. David Spiegelhalter’s article in today’s Guardian.
      It says it all and very sensibly and without hysteria.Read it and go and get vaccinated then perhaps we can all be in with a chance of working again sometime soon.
      Thank you!

  • Sharon says:

    Although it may not have had anything to do with the vaccine.

    However, from time to time, like for every other substance in this world, we may encounter someone, probably one in several tens of thousands, who is just very allergic.

    May his family find peace.

    • Maria says:

      They don’t administer the vaccine if there are any allergies, certainly not in Italy or the UK. You have to have it done in a main hospital if the patient insists.

      • Elizabeth Owen says:

        You are correct Maria. I am allergic to lots of medicine so would not take the Pfizer and have the Oxford Astra Zenica instead.

  • Fiddlist says:

    I’ve heard it said that no governments or vaccine producers are offering compensation to the families of any person who dies shortly after receiving a vaccine – is that correct?

  • Rob says:

    Sinister. Reminds me of that 1978 film, Coma.

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    I knew a man who ate bacon and eggs for breakfast and then died in a car accident a few hours later. We need to stop people driving; it kills people. And it’s linked to the consumption of bacon and eggs.

  • Phillip Rose says:

    Here is a related article on post-injection deaths, including Mr. Tognatti’s, which also has a petition if one wishes to sign. However much one may “beLIEve” in something, proper investigations are always a good thing.