Big win for Boris

Big win for Boris


norman lebrecht

March 25, 2021

The London Music Fund has just won a Music & Drama Education Award.

Big deal?

Ten years ago, this extraordinary initiative was sold to the Mayor of London by my colleague Veronia Wadley. Since then, it has taken thousands of children out of the most deprived circumstances and given them a new life in music.

Whatever else Boris has done in politics, this is a massive tick on his record.



  • Daniel says:

    You are quite right that Boris should get credit for Helping to set this up in 2011. It should also be acknowledged that we are in 2021 and the charity has been quietly getting on with its good work for 10 years and has now been rewarded with this award. Congratulations to its Chief Executive, Trustees and all who work with them.

  • John Borstlap says:

    Maybe it’s the only tick on the record, thinking of the brexit lies and the ridiculous fantasies about British grandeur in the world, his hair cut reflecting his thinking, and his recent boasting about greed and capitalism being the reason of UK vaccination success.

    • Allen says:

      Lies, Mr Borstlap?

      We’re still waiting for the predicted spread of super-gonorrhoea following Brexit.

    • Anthony Sayer says:

      Whereas the EU is just one relentless procession of competence, humility and selfless cooperation. Where would we be without this shining beacon of largesse and democracy…

    • Matias says:

      The EU screwed up big time over its vaccination plan. At least have the good grace to admit that much.

      The UK also seems to its credit to be a major player in the Covax scheme.

    • M McAlpine says:

      Why must people like you always make the same lame political points which are completely irrelevant to the post? It is so tiresome and repetitive.

  • TJ says:

    Admittedly one of the few things that Bojo has done well but I do, however, think that credit for this award should go to the current staff and board, led brilliantly by Chrissy Kinsella.

    If you can’t mention them in the text above, then please let us use the comments to congratulate all the current team, trustees and ambassadors working their backsides off for an amazing charity – well done to all.

  • yujafan says:

    I have lived in London for 49 years and been widely engaged with music of various kinds in multifarious ways for that time, yet I have never ever heard of or encountered this scheme – which is a shame as its aims appear laudable. Just how much of a ‘big tick’ is it really? Or is it just a big deal because one of your mates is involved, NL?

    • John Borstlap says:

      Also in Kensington, where I regularly dined in pre-corona time, I never saw a trace of deprived children being rescued by music.

      • Una says:

        Try North Kensington’World Estate Council housing. Plenty of deprivation and hidden talent there. There is more to Kensington than Harrods and Cromwell Road.

    • Mo says:

      The charity works with directly music hubs, and has supported over 500 children with four year scholarships, funded 50 projects, and given £3million directly to music education in the last ten years. One might ask, where have you been?

  • Elizabeth Owen says:

    We have a pandemic on at the momentt where over 126,000 British people have died and the DCMS has nothing better to do than issue an edict about flags. The world, or at least Westminster has gone mad.

  • Una says:

    This is a wonderful initiative that Boris supported. All credit where it is due.