Berlin Phil cancels May tour

Berlin Phil cancels May tour


norman lebrecht

March 01, 2021

Just in:

Due to the current pandemic situation and the associated travel restrictions, the Berliner Philharmoniker and their chief conductor Kirill Petrenko have unfortunately had to cancel the European concert on 1 May in the Sagrada Família in Barcelona. The subsequent tour of Spain is also affected by the cancellation.

They should be asking Chancellor Angela for their Astra-Zenica jabs.


  • Strange decision it was possible to make the concert there even without 100% public or 10% like what La Scala did for the Requiem at the Duomo last september. I write that because this concert is always on tv around the world (the old editions from the 90’s are famous on Singray Bravia) and the BPO is used to do this concert with a very small number of people like what they did in the past at Musée d’Orsay or in Bayreuth…

  • Gustavo says:

    Also Sprach Astra-Zenica
    Sinfonia Astra-Zenica
    Don Johnson & Johnson
    Der Dosenkavalier
    Die Frau ohne Vakzin
    Des Esels Vakzin

  • Gustavo says:

    Perhaps because the logistics companies have gone bust?

    Or it’s the new reality semi-post Corona paired with climate-change angst.

  • Le Křenek du jour says:

    > “They should be asking Chancellor Angela for their Astra-Zenica jabs.”

    Dear Mr. Lebrecht:

    With all respect due to our host, sir, I think that this cheap shot is unwarranted.

    Current Sars-CoV-2 vaccination guidelines are laid out here:
    The Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine has been homologated since Jan 29, and is explicitly recommended for persons younger than 65 years:
    “Q: Sollen unter 65-Jährige vorrangig mit dem Impfstoff von AstraZeneca geimpft werden?
    A: Grundsätzlich ja. Da der Impfstoff von AstraZeneca von der Ständigen Impfkommission derzeit nur für 18-64-Jährige empfohlen wird, sollen diese Personen vorrangig mit diesen Impfstoffen geimpft werden.”

    The Federal government is following the recommendations of the Permanent Commission on Vaccination:;jsessionid=65E485E9BD7179B24E177F68A4574A0C.internet072

    Moreover, you of all people have historically shown a solid understanding of the multi-tiered system of subsidiarity underlying the German federal constitution and its organs, as well as Germany’s insistence on ‘not going it alone’ within the framework of the European Union.

    The fact, of which I cannot imagine your not being fully aware, is that Chancellor Merkel would be quite powerless to grant the Berliner their AstraZeneca jabs, were they to ask her for them. For rule by ukaz, try countries a little farther to the east — or west, even if that means getting too close to home for comfort…

    • Arnolphe says:

      “Only two days after Ursula von der Leyen’s announcement of the show of EU unity, Germany announced that it had struck a bilateral deal with the domestic drugmaker Pfizer and BioNtech for an additional 30 million doses that would exclusively go to the country.”
      Ve haf vays…!

  • John says:

    “They should be asking Chancellor Angela for their Astra-Zenica jabs.”

    The sheer stupidity and pettiness of this website never fails to impress. That’s really the only reason I ever bother reading anything here. If fools like the author of this post can make a living from such drivel, then perhaps there’s hope for the many truly talented people in the realm of classical music.