Agency chief steps down

Agency chief steps down


norman lebrecht

March 31, 2021

David Foster, head of Opus3, is retiring as agency president after selling the company to the San Francisco Conservatory.

Here’s what he’s telling staff:

Many of you know that for three or four years I have been planning to retire from the presidency of Opus 3 Artists and manage artists full time by March of 2022.

In order to make sure there is sufficient time for a smooth search and transition, today I’m announcing my plan to step down as president whenever it’s appropriate in the coming months. I will be accepting the additional role of consultant to Opus 3 and its parent entity upon leaving the presidency.

It has been a great joy to work with many of you since I first started at ICM Artists in January 1995, and over the years we have built the strongest classical music agency in this country and possibly in the world. In all of our different corporate incarnations our devotion to each other and to the extraordinary artists we work for has helped to forge a team of unparalleled strength. Each and every one of you has contributed to the success of Opus 3 and I am deeply grateful to all of you for that success.

I am particularly happy to make this announcement when it is clear that we are entering a new era through our alliance with the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, and that new projects and opportunities are open to us that have never been possible before.

David Stull has asked me to share the following:

“I am deeply grateful to David for his extraordinary leadership and his willingness to remain in the role of president until such time that we are able to identify a successor. His counsel and leadership will remain central to our success in the years ahead. On behalf of the board, I extend our deepest appreciation for his brilliant and continuing work in service of the wonderful team that comprises Opus 3 Artists.”

You will be hearing from David Stull and me shortly about the search process.

I look forward to continuing our work together.


  • Chris Daisley says:

    I will use this latest item to comment on the new layout for this site. I do not think it is an improvement. The font is too small. The borders and distinctions between the various items on the page has been fudged.

  • caranome says:

    “I’m announcing my plan to step down as president whenever it’s appropriate in the coming months.” Weirdest “resignation” announcement ever. Basically saying, I am a lame duck starting today, and I will be causing a cloud of uncertainty that’s going to be awful for morale and accountability indefinitely.